MSNBC: Obama’s Policies Gave Illegals The Impression They Could Stay (Video)

*On MSNBC’s Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd, Tuesday, a network correspondent dropped a truth bomb on the host, explaining the impetus for the flood of  illegal immigrants pouring across the border. The reporter has been on the ground in Central America.

“The violence and economy really only tells one part of the story,” she began – (causing the left-wing open border proponents to shake their heads fiercely in denial because according to them it is the only reason.)

She said she “visited a center that is dedicated to helping women and children who are deported – who don’t make it to the US.”  She explained that the center helps them “get back into their lives in Honduras.”

“We spoke to the director there, the reporter continued. “She said that about a year ago, a rumor started spreading that Hondurans could leave, get to the United States, and they would be allowed to stay.”  The director told her that Obama’s immigration policies had been “misinterpreted.”

I don’t know what was “misinterpreted.” Obama has no intention of sending the ones who made it back to their home countries. The “rumor” wasn’t “misinterpreted.” These people are right and they know what they’re doing.

And the Regime knows it. A recently unclassified DHS report revealed that only 0.1 percent of the Central American minors illegally entering the U.S. were deported in Fiscal Year 2013, down from two percent prior, and that’s why the current border crisis is occurring.

The DHS-ICE agency report admits the fact that 98 percent are allowed to stay is a significant draw for the minors to come into the United States. The agency acknowledges that conditions in Central America play a role in why the wave is occurring, but directly contradicts the assertion that such conditions are the only significant reason the crisis exists. The report directly contradicts any assertion U.S. government refusals to deport illegal immigrants is not a significant factor in why the crisis is occurring.

So the DHS report had a very good theory: The fact that DHS/ICE have not been deporting minors, is a significant draw for the minors to come to the United States.

The MSNBC report turns the theory into a fact. Yep,  it was Obama’s  policy of not deporting minors, alright.

Who could have guessed that one thing might lead to another? Lax immigration policies would lead to more  immigration? A Community Organizer?

*Before you congratulate MSNBC for reporting something that is actually true that doesn’t flatter their Precious – you need to understand that the truth doesn’t matter, anymore. It’s okay for even lefties to tell the truth when it doesn’t matter anymore. What difference at this point does it make?

Obama has check-mated the nation.

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3 thoughts on “MSNBC: Obama’s Policies Gave Illegals The Impression They Could Stay (Video)

  1. ….well duh!

    Before you know it, the regime won’t be able to get anything past those scholars over at MsPmsDncTv.


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