State Dept. Rejected Benghazi Compound Security Requests To Avoid Alarming The Terrorists Next Door

I can picture Benghazi Special Committee Chair,  Trey Gowdy looking at this latest information and just shaking his head. Multiple sources that were on the ground in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012 have revealed to Fox News more facts about what happened in Benghazi on that fateful night.

According to these sources, the Consulate notified the State Department that the Islamic militia Ansar al Sharia had moved next door to the Benghazi compound less than a year before the attack, and the State Department’s response was something akin to, “and your point is?”

And when the Ambassador responded with, “um okay, can we at least have some uh – sandbags and um –  weapons so we can protect ourselves?” the response was, “no, that might upset the neighbors” (aka TERRORISTS.) Wish I were kidding.  So do the loved ones of the four dead Americans who were on the ground, there.

This is more of that amazing “smart diplomacy” we were promised in 2008. Oh yeah – the Obama brain trust were totally going to show up the Bushies with their “smart power.”.

A couple thoughts:

1. If you’re thinking no, no, no….NO administration – not even a Democrat one –  can be this weak and pathetic – congratulations, you are correct.

2. I know I’ve said this before, but does Hillary really think she’s running for president with this clusterfark under her belt? No, she’s done.







5 thoughts on “State Dept. Rejected Benghazi Compound Security Requests To Avoid Alarming The Terrorists Next Door

  1. The most important “fact” in any lib/progressive’s thought pattern on ANY subject is that not only is the one dreaming up solutions absolutely correct in all assumptions, but anyone who doesn’t see the brilliance displayed by such incredible theory has to be, in ND’s word, a “clusterfark.”

    All lib/progressive/statist theory starts with the assumption man is basically good and learns bad behavior.

    That is the exact opposite of reality. And in our country today, part of the drive to rid the country of “hurtful” behavior or language is designed to rid society of the forces that keep people from being the animals they really are.

    And that, kiddies, is why State, the admin and specifically Hillarious didn’t want to “provoke” the murderers next door.


  2. I’m not buying that the Hillster isn’t running. I’ll be convinced when I see a few more outward signs.

    Some signs I’m looking for: {in no particular order}

    1. The Hillster leaves the Chappaqua brothel leaving Bubba behind along with the Energizer Bunny.

    2. The Hillster takes up residence in lower Manhattan and is seen with a kitchen apron on with a freshly baked sheet of cookies, while she is also warming up the formula bottle {for the heir apparent}.

    3. The scam that has been running in Harlem known as the “Clinton Floudernation” is boarded up and undergoes a major audit to find out where all the missing money went. BTW if Chelsea Schmuckmuster {that is her name…., no?} can get $75K per speech, Johnny/Julie Schmuckmuster {the heir} ought to get about $50K for the same blabber that his/her mother puts out. The tradition continues.

    4. Bubba returns to Little Rock to take up residence at the public library/downtown massage pallor. Returning to his “roots” as a redneck. Bubba files for visitation rights. . . . .not to see the grandchild but, to resume visitation with the babes he hasn’t seen in decades, back home. Paula and Jennifer beware, you heard it here first!

    5. Hillster is found along the West Side Highway with a stake through her heart, strategically positioned in the vicinity was a Cross which cast a long shadow that covered her position from head to toe. Juss to make sure!

    Remember this is the clinton’s we are talking about here. They have made a career on a whole lot less, being the biggest team of dirt bags ever in American Politics. After I get to personally verify that there is no pulse, I’ll believe she isn’t running. Until them I’m keeping the option open and alive.


  3. Almost as much?

    I must’ve forgotten a few things. Maybe we should “arm wrestle” for the title. Carlos can referee.


  4. Glad to, Geo, but I’m afraid I’d want in on the arm wrestling! You two would have an advantage over a fat old man, though…


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