Grubergate: The Lies and Deceit of Jonathan Gruber (and Friends)

This video from American Commitment completely brutalizes the pathetic fraud that is “ObamaCare Architect” Jonathan Gruber.

At least seven times Gruber indicated on tape that states had to set up exchanges or subsidies would stop flowing. and refusal of states to play along would  threaten the law’s effective existence.

The following video highlights the duplicity of a man ridiculing the idea that anyone ever believed that which he was caught on tape saying.

John Sexton reports at the Conversation that Gruber was not the only Obamacare wonk to have a “speak-o” about the issue of subsidies and state exchanges.

Back in 2010, after the Senate bill was passed but before it became law, health care wonk Jonathan Cohn gave an interview with NPR‘s Fresh Air in which he suggested there might be an opt-out for states (hat tip to American Commitment for the clip):

Via Ace of Spades HQ: Leftwing “Wonks” Shocked Again to Learn Basic Things:

I would propose a simple definition of “expert:” One who is not surprised or even stunned to learn the basics of his claimed field of expertise.

By this definition, the left has a serious lack of experts.

I might add to the definition of “expert:” One who is interested in a subject matter and motivated to learn as much about it as possible, even if such fresh learning might cut against his base partisan impulses.


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