Maybe Joy Reid Just Isn’t Terribly Bright? (Video)

On MSNBC’s “Reid Report,” Monday,  host Joy Reid lamented that “the UN is clearly not working, ” charging  them of failing to prevent Israel from carrying out “100 9/11’s” on Palestinian civilians.

The transcript via Twitchy: 

“So far, the war in Gaza has left more than 1800 Palestinians dead, the population equivalent to 100 9/11’s. Mostly civilians, and including women and hundreds of children, along with 67 Israelis, mostly soldiers.”


Missing in her dissertation are minor details like – how many of  the Palestinian casualties are due to Israeli fire vs Hamas ordinance.

Also missing is the fact that even casualties that were a result of Israeli fire, were clearly a tragic mistake because Israel goes out of its way to avoid casualties – even warning the Palestinians ahead of time to clear out and launching warning strikes. Only Hamas benefits from civilian casualties which is why they go out of their way to make sure they get plenty of them. They use their own people as human shields near rocket launching sites, they force  them back to their homes when they try to flee –  because Hamas understands  the propaganda value of massive casualties and how useful idiots like Joy Reid lap it up.

One is tempted to accuse her of antisemitism.  But I doubt she  understands what the word even means. It would appear from an interview she conducted with a Democrat congressman that her anti-Israel bias is due to tribal loyalty. Most of her minority friends are pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel – so she is too. It’s radical chic.

In questioning Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) about the conflict, she noted that “people of color, minorities” are not supportive of Israel’s actions in Gaza and asked why there are no Democrats in Congress representing those Americans.

Rep. Cicilline was put into the position of being Israel’s defender  –  a role in which he actually excelled, reminding Reid throughout the interview that Hamas is a terrorist organization. John (The Mustache) Bolton couldn’t have done a better job –  which made for an awkward interview for Reid.

She brought up the subject of race – as if racial politics should have any bearing on how Congress views an international conflict, and Cicilline slapped her down.

Via Truth Revolt:

Reid: Let me ask you one final question, sir. The Pew Research Center has recently put out numbers that talk about how the different constituencies in the United States are responding to what’s happening in Gaza. It shows younger Americans, Americans particularly between 18 and 29 years of age, are not really so in line with what Israel is doing, nor are the lot of people of color, minorities, much of the Democratic constituency, quite frankly. Given the fact that Democrats and Republicans — there’s no daylight between the two parties on this issue. It’s 100% support for Israel no matter what is going on. Who represents those Americans who disagree with what’s happening in Gaza right now? Who are their representatives right now in Congress?

Cicilline: Well, I don’t know there’s 100% of Israel no matter what’s going on. I think there’s a recognition that our two countries share values and that we respect the right and the responsibility of the Israeli government to protect their people federal an ongoing terrorist act. This is not a conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. This is a conflict between Israel and Hamas, a terrorist organization that we’ve identified as a terrorist organization. So I don’t think it’s a question of Israel can do anything it wants. But it’s a recognition that Israel has a right to defend herself against an oncoming terrorist attack, thousands of rockets. But obviously to do so in a way which reduces the likelihood of civilian casualties but also honors its responsibility to protect its citizens.

Reid: So there’s not a Democratic constituency, there’s not a member, a part of the Democratic congress that would represent those people who dissent from the policy?

Cicilline: If you’re asking if there’s anyone that represents the interests of Hamas, a terrorist organization, I don’t think there is anyone.


3 thoughts on “Maybe Joy Reid Just Isn’t Terribly Bright? (Video)

  1. The most logical explanation could just boil down to a genetic defect that runs through the “Reid” line. I’m thinking of several irrefutable examples right off the top of my head that can be sited.


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