A Weak Horse Will Not Defeat ISIS



“When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse”, an oft-cited analogy that compares al-Qaeda to a strong, and therefore, likable,racehorse.

A 4th round of airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Iraq, today, although it remains to be seen how much good these very limited “pinprick” strikes are doing. Retired General Thomas McInerney has been saying that we need to hammering ISIS with up to 200 strikes a day. A general consensus has formed that Obama’s actions in Iraq are more of a political solution than a military one.

“It’s clearly very very ineffective to say the least,” Senator John McCain told Fox News, Sunday morning. Some generic Democrat no one’s ever heard of spouted inane talking points the White House (obviously) supplied him: “I think what has contributed clearly to the situation has not been our presence or lack of presence…” (uh-huh) “It’s been the politics of Maliki – his alienation of the Sunni community…”

Oh, that’s clearly it, Ben Rhodes. (We may as well address the actual person  behind these idiotic talking points.)

That is  totally it. ISIS feels alienated. That’s why they’re crucifying Christians,  beheading adults and children – (capturing the blood pouring out of their necks with buckets),  raping and pillaging everything in sight – carving a path of destruction and genocidal horror throughout the land. Anyone who has seen the pictures knows there is no “political solution” to be had with these demonic fiends. It’s as if ISIS is starring in their own D-grade horror flick – the kind I don’t watch because they leave nothing to the imagination -sick slasher films with lots of blood and gore, screaming, and crying. But these monsters are real. So is the blood and gore, screaming and crying. These monsters can not be placated or negotiated with. They simply need to be stopped – which means eliminating them off the face of the earth.

In church today, one of the intercessory prayers was for “peace and reconciliation in the Middle East”. I  prayed for war. There is no “reconciliation” to be had with these barbarians. I’ll pray that they be converted and see the error of their ways, sure. BUT ALSO for a “strong horse” (to use OBL’s term) to come to civilization’s rescue and blast them to smithereens if they don’t..

Instead, we’ve got a president who tried  to end the war authorization in Iraq only two weeks ago – so he could brag to the American people during an election year that he totally 100% ended Bush’s illegal War for oil and no Americans would ever have to go back. I’m sure to the geniuses in the White House that seemed like a winning message for Dems in the mid term elections. Everything is a political calculation with this “Commander in Chief.”

Even our national security. Our Southern border is wide open. They say people from at least 50 different countries are taking advantage of the red carpet Obama’s laid out. Korans, prayer rugs and at least one Urdu-to-English dictionary have been found  among the debris near the border.

Has it dawned on America yet that we have a president who has no interest in keeping us safe? None at all? Do the blind now see? Or will they vote another Democrat into office in 2016 to seal our doom?


Will THIS convince them?


Late last week before he went on vacay – the “bear was loose” and available for a brief photo-op for eager reporters – you’ll never believe where.

 There seems to be an effort afoot at the White House to demonstrate to the world that President Obama, who has now been getting flack even from the mainstream press for being disengaged – me and you have been wondering where he’s been for some time – in fact DOES SHOW UP FOR WORK.



That’s right – the Bear was loose in his own office for a change.


Obama on the phone with someone really important – a world leader, perhaps!

Old and Busted: The bear is loose at the pool hall or burger joint and yukking it up with “the folks.”

The New Hotness: The bear is actually doing his job!

Apparently,  the bear was also loose on the golf course for five hours Sunday – even as the State Department evacuated embassy staff from the chaos in Baghdad. 

More on the evacuationFox News Insiders: 




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Judge Jeanine Pirro Berates “Feckless” Obama: “You Were Wrong on Iraq and Syria” (Video)

Jeanine Pirro slammed the president for being wrong about just about everything on her Fox show, Justice with Judge Jeanine, Saturday night.

“The problem is President Barack Obama is too inexperienced, too out of touch, and too disengaged to protect us” she said.

Describing Obama’s policy as “feckless,” she declared, “You don’t have a clear mission, and you don’t have a clear strategy…your track record doesn’t exactly put the fear of God in any of those terrorists.”

Pirro went on to list all the times Obama has been wrong on Iraq.

“You were wrong when you scoffed at the idea of genocide or ethnic cleansing in Iraq if U.S. troops were withdrawn,” she said. “You were wrong when you pulled American troops out of Iraq saying it would be ‘irresponsible.’ … You were wrong when you said al Qaeda was on its heels … You were wrong when you dismissed ISIS as nothing more than a JV squad … You were wrong when you dithered on that red line in Syria as ISIS gained strength and military experience in that war. You were wrong leaving an inexperienced Iraqi military with our weapons [that] they dropped at the first sign of ISIS. The same weapons now being used against their victims.”

Pirro had John Bolton on to share his insights on Obama’s thinking with the too little/too late limited strikes. I keep hearing the same refrain – what is he doing? Why now?  ISIS has been on a genocidal rampage throughout Christian communities in Syria and Iraq. Why is Obama only now acting to prevent genocide? “Is the world Descending into chaos under Obama’s watch?” She asked  Bolton.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was also on to give his thoughts on the border crisis.

Your Sunday Hymn: The Battle Hymn Of the Republic

The Battle Hymn of the Republic was sung by a uniting congregation of thousands at Saint Paul’s Cathedral for the 9/11 Memorial Services in London, England, attended by the Royal Family and “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher on September 14th 2001. Prayer services were by the Reverend and Archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002), George Carey.