Harrowing Footage of Mount Sinjar Rescue

Harrowing footage of a dramatic rescue was  taken by a CNN crew on board a helicopter with members of the Iraqi air force and Kurdish peshmerga, Monday.  They were on a mission to Mount Sinjar where thousands of desperate Yazidis, driven out of their homes by the ISIS horde have been stranded for a week.

The flight took diapers, milk, water and food to the site, hurling out boxes of food and water before approaching the ground. 

“We landed on several short occasions, and that’s where — amid this explosion of dust and chaos — these desperate civilians came racing towards the helicopter, throwing their children on board the aircraft. The crew was just trying to pull up as many people as possible,” CNN’s Ivan Watson said.

Her mouth slightly agape, tears stream down her face as she glances around the inside of a helicopter with confusion in her eyes.

She looks completely exhausted, overcome with emotion. She cries the whole flight to safety.

That’s 15 year old Aziza – the girl in the purple shirt in the video below.

Soon, some of the trapped families — including babies and the elderly — were packed into the flight. A man held a water bottle for a woman trying drink, her head propped up on his shoulder.

Others didn’t make it and were left behind as the helicopter pulled away.

“It was chaotic. It was crazy, but we were able to then lift off with about 20 civilians,” Watson said.

I had seen the pictures on Twitter. Now we have the video. Everyone on the chopper was crying. You’ll cry watching it. 

Oh my God, what hell has been unleashed on these poor people?


RIP Robin Williams

I heard the tragic news of Robin Williams’ death last night in the car as the family headed out to dinner to celebrate my daughter’s 19th birthday. Shock and sadness permeated the car. Possible suicide? What caused this funnyman to be so depressed that he would take his own life?

This interview in The Guardian from 2010 gives one a good sense of the pain he was in: Robin Williams: ‘I was shameful, did stuff that caused disgust – that’s hard to recover from.’

His bearing is intensely Zen and almost mournful, and when he’s not putting on voices he speaks in a low, tremulous baritone – as if on the verge of tears – that would work very well if he were delivering a funeral eulogy. He seems gentle and kind – even tender – but the overwhelming impression is one of sadness.

Williams left behind a wife and daughter – the latter of whom is said to be devastated and inconsolable.

He also leaves behind a legacy of charitable giving exemplified by these videos.

Rest in peace Robin Williams.

MRC Video: #LeanOver Chris Matthews

Some wise guys at the Media Research Center are working on a series of videos covering the “journalists” at MSNBC.

Via the Washington Examiner:

The conservative Media Research Center is launching a video series this morning that mocks the hosts with 1-2 minute videos composed of embarrassing clips that MRC told Secrets would “underscore how clueless and biased they are.”

Their first victim subject is Chris Matthews, also known in the conservative blogosphere as “Tingles” because of the thrill that runs up his leg when his idol, Barack Obama speaks.

See if you can pick up on Tingles’ favorite, Alinsky-approved tactic for demonizing Republicans – it may be hard to detect because he’s is so subtle and nuanced in his language, as you know.

The campaign is a parody of MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign. MRC is renaming it “Lean Over,” and will have a Twitter hashtag to match: #LeanOver.