Megyn Kelly Slams Obama For Latest Fundraising Junket While “a Few Americans Are Waiting to Have Their Heads Cut Off”

Megyn Kelly has been on a tear for the past couple of days because of the president’s decision to go on another fundraising junket this weekend, while ISIS continues its assaults in Syria and Iraq, and Russia invades the Ukraine.

Thursday night, she had on frequent guest, Fox News’ digital political editor Chris Stirewalt to talk about Obama’s admission that he has “no strategy” to go after ISIS and its safe haven in Syria.

“Not to worry,” she quipped. “He is spending all day tomorrow in the Situation Room…..oh – wait….”

No, the president will be off to another series of fund raisers, while, “there’s just a few Americans waiting to have their heads cut off in the custody of this terror group,” Kelly said, apologizing for being flippant but calling the situation “disturbing.”

Stirewalt snarked, “so the president’s the president wherever he goes and  he’ll be able to destroy the whole world and everything in it from a remote location – while he is sucking up to the swells in Westchester County and lovelies in Rhode Island, when he goes to the “It Couple’s” wedding of the year taking place in New York, this weekend.”

“He looks tired, he looks disengaged, and then when he leaves to go do things that look selfish, it is very hard for him to make the case to the American people that he’s the man with the plan,” he said.


Kelly also had Gen. Keane on to talk about what he called Obama’s ‘extraordinary and stunning Admission’ that he has no strategy.

Gen. Jack Keane was on “The Kelly File” tonight to weigh in on the revelation that the Obama administration has “no strategy” on dealing with ISIS.
Keane called it “an extraordinary and stunning admission coming from the leader of the world’s most powerful nation.” He also noted that the remark was “embarrassing.”

The four-star general said that we need a comprehensive strategy, but said that he fears we may not get one.

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Keane said he believes Obama made that statement today because he has not yet made a decision.

“That was an honest answer – he didn’t have a strategy.”




The Daily Mail: ‘Barney Fife is in charge’: Obama under fire for ‘we don’t have a strategy’ gaffe on ISIS as he’s accused of having ‘head buried in hole on first green’

  • Texas congressman compares Obama to bumbling deputy Barney Fife from ‘The Andy Griffith Show’
  • Pentagon insider says Joint Chiefs of Staff are ‘seeing red’ and ‘spitting nails’ following Obama’s candid admission 
  • Generals are ‘losing confidence in their mission,’ said a former senior aide to a retired defense secretary 
  • House Intel Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said Obama’s performance was ‘really shocking given the severity of the threat’
  • White House press secretary said the administration isn’t concerned about the comment, but about the ‘way it was being reported’


4 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Slams Obama For Latest Fundraising Junket While “a Few Americans Are Waiting to Have Their Heads Cut Off”

  1. A extraordinary and stunning admission. . . . not to mention embarrassing.

    Is anyone surprised {at this point} about this latest revelation from the President? No strategy? This jerk has been phoning it in ever since he came on the public scene, working the streets of Chicago’s south side. A totally unremarkable career in the Illinois Senate with 165 “present” votes. {Hint: those are non decisions}

    We also now know that according to the Terror Assessment issued by the West Point Group, if he were paying attention and receiving his Intelligence briefings and reading the reports provided to him. . . . .it was all laid out as to what a threat ISIS was becoming. For more than four years.

    These are not criminal matters, this is war! You don’t issue subpoenas, you launch bombs. The sooner we get serious about this the better off we all will be.

    uhbama is well on his way to accomplishing his main goal though. . . . destroying the U.S. Constitution and our Country. One jihadist and illegal immigrant at a time.


  2. Geo- sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I was offline for the entire weekend. See my latest post on that West Point report. Obama knew all about ISIS. He’s been funneling weapons to them since 2012 to fight the Assad Regime in Syria.


  3. No problem Deb. I just went through most of your last post on the West Point report. Great work you tied it all nicely together.

    I’ve been saying since the Benghazi Consul attack that this was all about running guns into Syria. There was never any doubt about it. It was the sole reason we had so many Agency {not to mention former Military} people on the ground there. We were trying to “collect” the arms we “provided” al-queda in Libya for that overthrow and get them redistributed to ISIS in Syria through Turkey. Ambassador Stevens had just completed a meeting with a Turkish diplomat when the Consul had come under attack. It was the main reason Stevens was in Benghazi, trying not to draw attention to the meeting like would have happened if it were held in Tripoli, a much more secure facility.

    If it were up to John McCain and uhbama, Bashir Assad would’ve been overthrown and out of office and ISIS would have attained their first token toward the caliphate long ago with our assistance. Of course the msm now says that uhbama withdrew his decision to get involved in Syria, when we all know the Congress went into revolt over it, including members of his own party.

    BTW, that “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine in Libya worked out real well, didn’t it? Yet another uhbama – jihadists success story.


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