Lt. Col Ralph Peters: Obama’s ISIS Strategy, “Pathetic…Idiotic Nonsense”

My new favorite cable news personality is Fox News foreign policy analyst, retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. He has a short fuse and doesn’t hold back his disgust and disdain for our weak and detestable Commander in Chief.

“Let me go on record on September 10th in the year of our Lord, 2014, as saying Barack Obama’s shabby pretense of a strategy as laid out tonight, will. not. defeat and destroy the Islamic State. And by the way, it IS Islamic, and it IS a nascent state with a Caliphate.”

Hey, tell us what you really think, Col.

“Does he really believe that the Iraqi military – which collapsed as soon as ISIS waved at it,  is going to be magically rebuilt and take them on on the ground?” Peters fumed.  “Does he really believe we can use air power effectively without our special operators and tactical air control parties on the ground? Does he really believe that he’s really going to build a serious coalition? He’s got 9 states so far – Bush had 48, 40 of which contributed troops in 2003 – Obama has 9 states – none of which are willing to fight. There’s no coalition. He’s counting on a government in Baghdad that excites no loyalty from the people. It’s so pathetic that I’ve got to control my anger and say….it’s idiotic nonsense.”


Ace of Spades HQ: New York Times Baghdad Bureau Chief: Obama Ignored Iraq Problems, and Even Denied Their Reality, for Political Reasons:

While the situation in Iraq spiraled into increasing violence and chaos, Team Obama wasted no time in telling the public — well, first they told the press — that everything was just A-OK. (Grammatical lapses corrected.)

It’s not my job to rate the Obama Administration’s actions in Iraq. But i will tell you that after 2011 the administration basically ignored the country. they did not want to see what was really happening because it conflicted with the narrative that they left Iraq in reasonably good shape. In 2012 as violence was escalating I wrote a story, citing UN statistics, that showed how civilian deaths from attacks were rising.Tony Blinken, who was then Biden’s national security guy and a top Iraq official, pushed back, and even wrote a letter to the editor, saying that violence was near record lows. But that was not true. even after Fallujah fell to ISIS at the end of last year, the administration would push back on stories about Maliki’s sectarian tendencies, saying they didn’t see it that way.

So there was a concerted effort by the Administration to not acknowledge the obvious until it became so apparent — with the fall of Mosul — that Iraq was collapsing.

 The Hayride: Obama’s Peculiar War Speech, Deconstructed:

 If you heard our president’s address tonight laying out a war of sorts against what he says is a non-Islamic Islamic State and are relieved or confident after hearing it, we’d like some of what you’re having.

RedState’s Erick Erickson wants some, too. Erickson:

Folks, this speech is what I imagine you’d try to say to your mom if she walked in on you playing with yourself. It was awkward and we’ve caught the President with his pants down. Now he’s scrambling. But at least we can thank heaven that, according to Barack Obama, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is neither Islamic nor a state.

It was going to be difficult for the speech to impress or stir a nation. At best, it’s a mulligan. Under any scenario, it’s an admission that events, and the American people, are leading him and he’s following along in making national security policy.

This? We’ll have to call this a worst-case scenario. On multiple levels.

My fellow Americans – tonight, I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.

He starts off calling it ISIL, rather than ISIS. That’s the White House’s chosen formulation of the Islamic State. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and the Levant is an old word for a vast area which includes Lebanon, parts of Turkey, all of Jordan, Israel and even parts of Saudi Arabia and the Sinai Peninsula as well as Syria and part of Iraq. To call it ISIL, rather than ISIS, which is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – a correct term at this point since Iraq and Syria are the two countries in which it currently controls territory, should be very, very off-putting. That’s either a shot at Israel, which is bad enough but even worse since it’s also a shot at Jordan and Egypt who we would probably need the help of if we’re going to do any good, or it’s a refusal to explicitly name Syria as part of a conflict Obama wants to take us into. But Syria is part of the Levant. So all of this is very suspicious, frankly.

Obama’s Gonna Give Another Speech


So tonight the nation will be tuning in to hear the president’s prime time address outlining his long awaited “strategy” to deal with ISIS  in Syria and Iraq.

Who has the stomach for this?

He watched for years as the Islamic State become a formidable new terrorist power and did nothing. For a full year, it’s been obvious that the Islamic State rampaging through Syria and Iraq was a major threat – not only to the region but to free peoples everywhere.  It was only after a particularly vicious summer of terror  in Iraq, culminating in the beheadings of two Americans, that the president deigned to pay them any mind at all – before promptly heading back out to the golf course.

Even the lowest of lofos have figured out by now that ISIS is a problem. So as others have said, tonight isn’t about Obama rallying the nation – it’s about the nation  rallying him to do something, already.

So. What do you suppose we’re going to get, tonight?

Here’s what we’re not going to get.

1. There will no mention of securing our porous borders. Sure it’s a huge national security weakness and our most sentient citizens are concerned about it. Guess what. Obama’s committed to open borders. So no – he’s not interested in securing our borders. There will be no mention of fixing this massive vulnerability because he doesn’t see the few terrorists sneaking across the border along with the thousands of future Democrats as enough of a problem to stop the flow of future Democrats. It’s that simple. Hundreds – perhaps thousands will die so Obama can fulfill the progressive dream of permanent one party rule.

2. “No boots on the ground” to placate his far left moonbat base. The enemy thanks him for his consideration.

3. No admission that pulling the troops out of Iraq was a monstrous mistake that cost thousands of lives.

4. No admission that he was wrong when he grossly underestimated ISIS.

What we will get.

1. An attempt to blame the mess on “the previous administration.”

2. An attempt to convince us that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

3. He will continue to use the term, ISIL rather than ISIS when virtually no one outside his administration does – just to be different and annoying.

4. He will refer to himself – me, myself and I – to a nauseating degree.

5. He’ll tout the broad coalition of countries supposedly joining us in the effort (tentatively – because they don’t trust him, nor should they) while suggesting that “previous administrations” acted unilaterally.

6. Lies. (No explanation as to why I would expect this is needed at this point, I would think.)

7. Reportedly, he will urge Congress to quickly give him authority to arm moderate Syrian opposition forces fighting President Bashar Assad.

This is a problem because the moderate rebels and ISIS have joined forces in Syria. That’s why ISIS was seen  parading in 43 New Toyota Hilux Trucks in the Caliphate – Donated By US Taxpayers. They’ve been using US weapons for months.


He may or may not say something about the common sense  legislation Republicans have proposed preventing Americans who joined and fought with ISIS from returning to the United States.

He will want to oppose it, because it’s the right thing to do and because to his mind it helps the real enemy –  Republicans.  He may go along with it anyway out of political expediency. There is an election coming up.

For some honest, hard-hitting re-ax watch CNN. They’ve got a new political analyst debuting tonight. Squeee!


The problem most Americans have with Barack Hussein Obama when he gives any speech, is the fact that they know they can’t trust his word.

Megyn Kelly last night, focused on Obama’s total lack of credibility by focusing on a couple of his more egregious lies. She wonders is he deceiving the American people – or worse – himself?

Answer: He’s an Alinsky trained, ends justify the means progressive, who will shamelessly lie to our faces with malice and aforethought.



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