James Foley’s Brother: I Was “Specifically Threatened” By State Department RE Raising Private Funds To Rescue Him

On the Kelly File, last night, Michael Foley, the brother of slain journalist James Foley, told host Megyn Kelly his  family is “appalled” by the Regime’s actions (or lack thereof) in regards to James Foley’s capture and subsequent beheading by ISIS.

After Kelly reminded him of the president’s words, *”no Americans unjustly detained should be left behind,” and asked him if he felt that the administration had done everything it could to get his brother back, Foley responded, “no, no – we’re appalled by the situation. It went past not doing everything they could – they were actually an impedance. They got in our way. And that’s what really bothers me to the core. “
Foley claimed  he was “specifically threatened” by the State Department about raising funds to meet the ransom demands for his brother. He added, “we were smart enough to look past it but we lost a lot of time trying to regroup…”

As Kelly noted, it’s one thing to have an official policy of not negotiating with terrorists, (as has been US policy forever) but barring families from doing so privately seems to be something new.

And as she also noted early in the clip, the Regime negotiated with terrorists in the case of Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl – trading him for five Taliban commanders.

As usual, there is unequal treatment under the Regime’s law and the only consistency seems to be that they always choose to do the worst thing. It’s madness, and there doesn’t appear to be a method to it.



The Daily Mail: ‘As an American I’m embarrassed and appalled’: James Foley’s mother hits out at Obama’s efforts to rescue her son and claims she was threatened with PROSECUTION if family paid ransom:

  • Diane Foley says she was disappointed by the handling of her son’s case in CNN interview
  • Mother of executed journalist slams Obama administration for their attitude
  • Claims family felt they were an ‘annoyance’ to US officials
  • FBI came to her family for information on the whereabouts of Foley 
  • Threatened with prosecution if they attempted to raise a ransom 
  • Secret mission to rescue James Foley failed over July 4 weekend 
  • James Foley’s beheading was posted online last month by ISIS militants

The mother of James Foley, the American journalist beheaded by ISIS, spoke tonight of her deep disappointment felt towards the Obama administration for their handling of his time as a prisoner of the terror group, saying, ‘I really feel our country let Jim down.’

On the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and the day after President Obama addressed the nation and finally offered a strategy to defeat ISIS, Diane Foley told CNN that ‘as an American’, she was ’embarrassed and appalled’ at the efforts to rescue her son from captivity.

Articulate and thoughtful throughout her interview, Mrs. Foley made the startling claim that US officials threatened her family with prosecution if they tried to raise a ransom for Foley, 40, and said ‘Jim was sacrificed because of a lack of communication and prioritization.’

And in a thinly veiled attack on Obama’s new strategy to ‘degrade and destroy’ ISIS she said that meeting violence with more violence may not be the answer and said, ‘bombing caused Jim’s death.’

‘Jim was killed in the most horrific way. He was sacrificed because of just a lack of coordination, lack of communication, lack of prioritization,’ said Diane Foley. ‘As a family, we had to find our way through this on our own.’

The Independent Sentinel: Obama’s Most Unforgiveable Lie: Obama Lied About Working With Families of Americans Slaughtered by ISIS

Mr. Obama said that he kept the Foley and Sotloff families regularly informed. It was an unforgivable lie, unless you choose to not believe the families of both Americans beheaded by ISIS. Not only did the administration not help the families, they kept the families from taking actions aimed at saving their family members, James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

Obama not only didn’t work with the families, he worked against them. The families are now committed to not letting that happen again as ISIS plans the beheading of a British journalist or an American aid worker.

Politico reported that Steven Sotloff, the 30-year old American journalist who was recently beheaded by ISIS, was sold to ISIS for between $25,000 to $50,000, [ it seems like a sum that the family could have come raised]. He was sold by the “so-called moderate rebels, that people want our administration to support,” according to a spokesperson for the Sotloff family.


*Note how Obama carefully parsed his words, “No Americans unjustly detained should be left behind.” Now you know how the Regime views the detainment of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been languishing in a Mexican jail since April for taking a wrong turn.

5 thoughts on “James Foley’s Brother: I Was “Specifically Threatened” By State Department RE Raising Private Funds To Rescue Him

  1. You ah, do realize that paying ransom could be considered financial aid to a terrorist organization, yes?

    Of course no one seems to be indicting several notable European governments or their citizens for engaging in and facilitating such transactions either, or banning them from SWIFT or such things…


  2. Yeah why run the risk of paying a ransom and have it considered financial aid to a terrorist organization? Who do the Foley’s think they are? CAIR or a dozen other muslim organizations in this country that do it everyday and are never brought to task for it, especially under this regime.

    Just chill and wait for the State Department or some other pin head make a deal for five terrorist generals for your love one, at their convenience of course. Nothing to worry about, or to lose your head over after all.

    If I were the Foley’s I would’ve done exactly what this regime does. The regime refers to terrorism as “work place violence”. Therefore the Foley’s should’ve just said they were raising money for their Sons “room and board” while he was held, not ransom.


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