Krauthammer: “The Reason It’s A Coalition of the Unwilling Is Because Obama Is Unwilling” (Video)

Charles Krauthammer offered his take on the Regime’s pathetic failure to gather a broad, international coalition – unlike George W. Bush who was able to gather a coalition of 49 nations to provide material military support including troops, intelligence cooperation, material, logistics, ground facilities, and financial assistance” for the Iraq War in 2003.

“The reason it’s a coalition of the unwilling is because Obama is unwilling,” Dr. K said. “And everyone knows it. He telegraphed it in his speech, they all understand he’s ambivalent, They’ve all looked at what he did in Afghanistan and Libya, and they say that if the leader of this coalition is ambivalent and reluctant, why should we join?”

Via NRO:


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My latest at The Conversation:

Josh Earnest: ‘The Coalition Is Coming Together Very Nicely’

In his weekly address, Saturday, President Obama once again tried to separate himself from the “previous administration” by telling the American people he would avoid making “the mistakes of the past” and crowing that he is “leading the right way” so “more nations are joining our coalition.”  He said this despite reports his counter-terrorism effort is receiving only tepid support from even our staunchest allies.Sep 14, 2014 3:36 PM PT

5 thoughts on “Krauthammer: “The Reason It’s A Coalition of the Unwilling Is Because Obama Is Unwilling” (Video)

  1. So what. Obama could behead someone in the oval office and Charles would just write an angry column, and complain on fox news. He’s worthless. All he does is point out the obvious, then do nothing about it.


  2. What do you want him to do? He’s an author, commentator and a newspaper columnist. Pontificating on things is what he “does” and it’s no small thing. The man commands a great deal of respect on both sides of the isle and has a great deal of influence. He was one of the first pundits of his stature to harshly criticize Obama – calling him a “Social Democrat” (a nice way of saying “Socialist”) as soon as he came into office.


  3. I have not heard anyone question the role of Retired USMC General John Allen role in this situation. The regime announced that he would be put in charge of developing a strategy for our latest non war situation. Really?

    Just a reminder: General Allen was caught up in the situation that General Petraeus got involved in, when “someone” pulled his {Petraeus’s} file out of the top right hand draw and dropped it on him while at the CIA. While Petraeus was exposed as carrying on a affair while in Command. Allen was accused of texting {sexting} with a socialite in the Tampa area, he claimed he was exchanging recipes with her. Allen was close to ending his tour in Afghanistan and was widely expected to be declared the next Commander of NATO. Instead he was told to retire, he at the time claimed he was submitting his papers to take care of his sick wife. Though it never seemed to be a problem { a sick wife } while he was in Afghanistan.

    When the General turned in his Stars, along with those he also turned in his Security Clearance when he retired. In what capacity is he being brought back into the fold for this situation? As a civilian? As a Military member? It’s also been reported that he would report to Special Operations Command in Tampa this week. Again in what capacity? How does he get access to all the “classified” material one would need to develop a strategy for a operation of this size and scope?

    Why would he accept a assignment such as this coming from the people who showed him the door? Is there nobody left on Active Duty {especially in Special Ops } capable of this assignment and therefore is was necessary to tap General Allen for the job? To the best of my knowledge General Allen has no Special Operations background. These are the very same people {the regime} who have “decapitated” the Military Leadership by showing more than two hundred senior and very senior Officers the door. I’ve been screaming about it for about three years now.

    I have found several reports that since being shown the door, the General has become a Military Advisor to John Hanoi Kerry and has also taken a position at the Brookings Institute. Yep the left wing Brookings Institute who was just exposed for taking money from several Arab Countries like Qatar. They claim it would never influence any of their policy decisions.

    I’m all ears on this one, for anybody who can make any sense of it. I’ve thrown around this information to several members of my retired Military circle and nobody can make any sense of it. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it all comes down to once again meeting up with Jill in Tampa, exchange some recipes and compare their “easy bake ovens”. Yeah that must be it.


  4. Obama likes to appoint people who are easily led and won’t give him any trouble. Not to mention Allen has personal vulnerabilities that will come in hand should the need arise to dispose of him.


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