House Authorizes Obama’s Plan To Arm and Train Syrian Rebels


I really really want to be wrong about thinking this is a huge mistake, but I have a very bad feeling about arming people with values and loyalties so antithetical to ours with American weapons. My greatest fear is that these weapons will eventually be turned on American soldiers, and will lead to more Christians and ethnic minorities being slaughtered in the Middle East.

Why on earth do we think this is a good idea?

Via USA Today:

A wary Congress voted Wednesday to authorize President Obama’s mission to arm and train Syrian rebel forces as part of the administration’s effort to dismantle the threat posed by the Islamic State militant group.

The bipartisan 273-156 vote came after days of debate in which lawmakers across the political spectrum expressed doubts about the scope and merits of the mission but conceded that the potential threat to the U.S. is too great to ignore.

Roll call of the votes, here.

The authorization is limited in scope to training up to 5,000 members of the Syrian opposition in Saudi Arabia. It provides no new funding and requires the administration to provide status reports to Congress. The Obama administration said the mission may be funded by international contributions, but the resolution authorizes the Pentagon to shift funds from other accounts if necessary.

Lawmakers expressed doubts about the ability to vet the Syrian rebel forces and warned that the arms provided to them could ultimately land in enemy hands. “We don’t know if somehow down the line they will turn our guns right back on us,” said Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., a member of the House Armed Services Committee, who opposed the resolution.

Sanchez also said there was not enough of an international coalition behind a strategy that is still being formed. “I’d like to know who our coalition is, and what they’re going to do before I vote for any plan,” she said.

For once I agree with Loretta Sanchez.


Gateway Pundit: Rand Paul Blasts Vote to Arm Syrian Rebels: “I’m Not For Arming Radical Jihadists in Syria” (Video)

3 thoughts on “House Authorizes Obama’s Plan To Arm and Train Syrian Rebels

  1. This is yet another unmitigated disaster in the making. It seems we just never learn from our past mistakes. When Boy Wonder decided to withdraw and not attempt to reach a agreement on a SOFA, billions of dollars of our Military Equipment was transferred over to the Iraqi Army. Some of which was suppose to be handed over to the Kurds and never was. The Kurds have been asking for military assistance ever since the first Gulf War and never got any. They are some of the best fighters in the entire region.

    When we removed the Iraq Army from Kuwait in the first Gulf War, they reacted the very same way as they did when they were confronted by ISIS, they dropped everything and ran. When we removed Sadaam Hussein after 9-11 we were warned of the strength of the Republican Guard {at the time the 5th largest Army in the world}, when they were confronted with overwhelming force they dropped their guns, removed their uniforms and took off running. There was only scattered resistance as we rolled through town after town.

    We worked with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan against the Taliban. When the war kicked off the NA was suppose to contain any withdrawal of the Taliban so they could be herded and killed. Instead after receiving U.S. support they allowed the Taliban to pass through their lines and return to their tribal sects. This complicated the entire operation and caused everything to get drawn out.

    Libya? How did arming Al-Qaeda work out in order to overthrow Gadaffi? Libya had become a cess pool of jihadist who were trying to overthrow Gadaffi and get control of the country. So what did we do? We armed the jihadist to overthrow that regime. Then tried to collect the arms we provided them for the coup.

    Egypt and the Arab spring? We backed the muslim brotherhood and stood by and let Hosi Mubarak get dumped. And John Hanoi Kerry thinks he can organize a coalition to face this threat with ISIS, with boots on the ground no less?

    It’s time for McCain to clean the oatmeal dripping down his chin and head to the ranch. While he’s at it, he has my permission to take Lindsey Lohan Graham with him. A entire group of my friends and I have been rehashing this out and nobody can foresee any good ending to it. To further prove nobody has learned anything it full speed ahead from Boy Wonder and the Regime regarding Afghanistan. He stated just the other day that he still intends to completely withdraw from there as he did from Iraq. What could possibly go wrong?

    This jerk is going to do anything he can {that being everything half ass’d } from now till the end of his term, then pass the entire mess of to the next guy. Just so he didn’t have to say and accept responsibility for screwing up what he did by withdrawing from Iraq and not trying to get a SOFA agreement to begin with. This entire debacle is laid at the feet of him and the dimoCrap party. It’s what they have been trying to attain since the start.

    This mess has become very complicated because ISIS is now running around with a lot of our Military Equipment that the Iraqi’s dropped and ran from. They have major armament, tanks, trucks and more critically our communications equipment so they can monitor and intercept any of our communications. People need to fully understand that if we are dropping bombs there is NO such thing as “no boots on the ground”. Before the bombs fall there are people {boots} in there selecting targets and guiding the bombs and missiles.

    I’m dreading the day one of our Pilots gets shot down and we end up with yet another video. What will the regime do then? This is the ghost of Somalia and Black Hawk Down.yet another half ass’d dimoCrap war plan, trying to do war on the cheap and at the expense of a lot of brave Military people.

    Will we ever learn?

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  2. A lot of Republicans I respect voted for this cluster-F. Others whom I respect – like Trey Gowdy – voted against it. But I can’t believe a majority went along with this folly. There must be a better way…


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