Jeanine Pirro: “Batten Down The Hatches” (Video)

On her Fox show Justice Saturday night, Judge Jeanine said what a lot of Americans are thinking about the terror ghouls, ISIS.

She said that they represent the greatest threat to our nation in its more than 200 year history – “Worse than what we faced in WWI, WWII – the attack on Pearl Harbor, and al Qaeda on 9/11.”

I’m telling you that ISIS – if not already on American soil – will be here. They ARE coming. And whether they come as a legion or lone wolves, the damage will be painful, and it will be extensive.”

She proceeded to make the case that “we are not prepared and not ready” for whatever attacks are planned, citing Obama’s dithering for months as the threat grew, our insecure borders, and our inept Homeland security and FBI (see Tsarnaev brothers – Tamerlan and Dzhokhar.)

“I’m telling you to batten down the hatches,” she said. “it’s time for us to come together and take the threat seriously.”

Pirro had on Pete Hegseth of Concerned Veterans For America and Christian Whiton, a former State Dept. official under Bush to discuss Obama’s half-a$$ed plan to fight ISIS.

Whiton had some interesting things to say that I whole-heartedly agree with. First – the fact that Obama’s Sec of States are constantly traveling (Clinton was the most traveled Sec. of State in US history) making it hard for anything to get done because policy is made in Washington.

Secondly, he said the generals and Defense officials aren’t being listened to because Obama relies on a very small circle of leftists to help him make his decisions.

“It comes down to Valerie Jarrett. It comes down to Susan Rice. It’s really just Obama’s really tight circle of sycophants giving him ideas — and really none of these people have any kind of track record on military affairs or strategic affairs.”


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