Ebola Scare On Flight From Brussels As Liberian Passenger Falls Sick On Plane (Video)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday quarantined an international flight  from Brussels, Belgium, Saturday, after a passenger from Liberia at Newark Liberty International Airport, after a passenger fro Liberia fell ill on the plane, complaining that his “eyeballs felt like they were floating.”

The United Airlines Flight  touched down at Newark Liberty International Airport at 12:15 p.m.

Via CNN:

CDC quarantine officers met the plane after one of the 255 passengers was vomiting on the flight, officials said.

The passengers were released at 1:50 p.m. and permitted to go through customs, said Erica Dumas, a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesperson. The sick passenger and his daughter were taken to a hospital for evaluation. Passengers said it took another two hours to clear customs and retrieve their luggage.

The incident comes amid heightened concerns after Thomas Eric Duncan, who had recently arrived from Liberia, on Tuesday was confirmed as the first case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on American soil. Duncan arrived in the United States after a connection in Brussels.

The New Jersey Department of Health downplayed the possibility of a new case  later Saturday.

In a statement, it said that University Hospital “in coordination with federal, state and local public health officials evaluated two individuals who arrived” Saturday afternoon.

“The symptoms of one individual were found to be consistent with another, minor treatable condition unrelated to Ebola,” the health department said. “The second individual, who was traveling with the patient, was asymptomatic.”

The health department said that both passengers will be let go and “self-monitoring,” meaning they’ll be in charge of gauging their health.

This statement appears to close the book on this situation, from the health department’s perspective.

I’d like to know the name of that minor treatable condition that causes symptoms that so mimic Ebola.

On Saturday, CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden addressed the growing concerns about the deadly disease.

“We have already gotten well over 100 inquiries of possible patients,” Frieden told reporters. “We’ve assessed every one of those … and just this one patient has tested positive … We expect that we will see more rumors or concerns or possibilities of cases, until there is a positive laboratory test, that is what they are.”


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Possible case in KC now…

Via Gateway Pundit: 

A Kansas City TV station, KCTV-5 reported Saturday night someone was being quarantined at Rockhill Research Hospital (Research Medical Center), according to their sister station in Wichita, KWCH.

A source in Kansas City confirmed the story to the Gateway Pundit and added some details.

Your Sunday Hymn: Judica me Deus

Quire Cleveland under guest conductor, Timothy Brown, performing the Lennox Berkeley’s 1978 setting of Judica me, Deus (Psalm 42). Church of the Resurrection, Solon, Ohio, October 30, 2011.

Via Choral Wiki: 

Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 42)

Latin.png Latin text

1 Psalmus David. Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta, ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me.

2 Quia tu es, Deus, fortitudo mea, quare me repulisti? Et quare tristis incedo,
dum affligit me inimicus?

3 Emitte lucem tuam et veritatem tuam; ipsa me deduxerunt, et adduxerunt in montem sanctum tuum, et in tabernacula tua.

4 Et introibo ad altare Dei, ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam. Confitebor tibi in cithara, Deus, Deus meus.

5 Quare tristis es, anima mea? Et quare conturbas me?

Spera in Deo, quoniam adhuc confitebor illi, salutare vultus mei, et Deus meus.

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

1 Give sentence with me, O God, and defend my cause against the ungodly people: O deliver me from the deceitful and wicked man.

2 For thou art the God of my strength, why hast thou put me from thee: and why go I so heavily,
while the enemy oppresseth me?

3 O send out thy light and thy truth, that they may lead me: and bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy dwelling.

4 And that I may go unto the altar of God, even unto the God of my joy and gladness: and upon the harp will I give thanks unto thee, O God, my God.

5 Why art thou so heavy, O my soul: and why art thou so disquieted within me?

6 O put thy trust in God: for I will yet give him thanks, which is the help of my countenance, and my God.