Another WFB Al Sharpton Supercut

Those miscreants at the Washington Free Beacon really need to stop picking on Al Sharpton. It’s mean-spirited and it’s wrong. Ed Schultz is equally ridiculous and embarrassing – but you don’t see the wise guys WFB attacking Shultz every other day. I can think of only one reason for this – RAAAAAcism.

They should be ashamed of themselves. I know I’m ashamed of myself for ROTFL.

17 times Al Sharpton repeated what he just heard in the form of a question | SUPERcuts! #111:

6 thoughts on “Another WFB Al Sharpton Supercut

  1. Pretty pathetic when Al is your go to boy-talk about the Peter principle.

    Did he ever pay the with holding taxes he was delinquent on? Talk about racism, when I had employees, that was the one tax you were never late paying. Only an Obama stooge could let those babies skate. Just about anyone else is immediately getting assets seized, bank accounts seized and any earnings, garnished.

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  2. Deb,I have never heard of the Washington free Beacon, I looked it up on Wikipedia, it says that it’s a more of a conservative website.From your perspective, is this a good news source, or a bad news source.


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