George Will: Distrust of Obama Administration “Permeates Everything”

After Krauthammer, George Will weighed in, on Special Report, making the point that distrust of this administration “permeates everything.”

“First the president denies something, and then there’s a very late and inadequate response,” he began. “ISIS – or whatever we’re calling it – the Islamic State – is the JayVee –  and then suddenly it’s a menace that we have to destroy. The Employer Mandate – fine. It will go into effect – whoops! It can’t go into effect and so they delay that. Now we have a president who said a few weeks ago that there would be no outbreak of Ebola in our country – the White House says today, there’ll be no widespread outbreak. You have to watch the modifiers with this crowd.”

“The president keeps saying ‘trust us,'” Will continued. “Well, it’s a little late in the game for that. The president who says ‘trust us’ is the one who said an internet video caused the Benghazi attack. The president who says ‘trust us’ says there’s not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS, and it’s the president who said ‘if you like your health care plan you can keep it, period.’ It’s late in the game to hermetically seal the one portion of the government that people are going to trust. Distrust permeates everything.”

So true…

Video via NRO:

On Twitter, this morning, I made the same point Krauthammer and Will made about Obama always being late to handle a problem and waiting until it’s become a crises.

I’ve been making points about how dishonest and untrustworthy Obama is since March of 2008.

Krauthammer: “A Couple More Cases Like Mr. Duncan…And I Absolutely Assure You We’re Going To Have A Travel Ban

On Special Report, Thursday night, Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the question of a travel for persons coming from West Africa.

Dr. K  noted the Regime’s tendency to be slow on the uptake  – days behind (everyone else) in coming to obvious conclusions.

“We just heard the head of the CDC say that we track all visitors coming in,” he said. “We couldn’t even track a nurse who had treated Mr. Duncan all the way to Cleveland. And we’re going to be assured that a Ghanaian coming in here, is going to be tracked for the three weeks? And if you check his temperature and it’s negative – there’s still three weeks in which he can develop symptoms and we’re actually going to know where he is – who he talked to – and if he gets sick, we’re going to have to retrace people he’s been in contact with…This is absurd. We get a couple more cases of people who come in with Ebola – like Mr. Duncan, and I absolutely assure you we’re going to have a travel ban.”

Video via NRO:


Fireworks: Rep Scalise And CDC Director Tangle at Ebola Hearing (Video)

At the House Oversight hearing on the U.S. Response to Ebola Outbreak, Thursday, Rep. Scalise (R-LA) firmly urged the president to immediately institute a travel ban until it can be proven that Americans are safe from more cases coming into the United States.

In an attempt to find out who was actually driving the policy, he asked the CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden if he had had conversations with the White House about a travel ban, and struggled to get a straight answer.

“From the point of view of the CDC, we’re willing to consider anything, Frieden answered.

“But have you considered that?” Scalise pressed. “Have you had conversations with the White House about a travel ban?”

Friedman: “Ah – we’ve – ”

Scalise: “That’s a yes or no question.

Friedman: “Um…”

Scalise: “Have you had conversations with the White House about a travel ban?”

Friedman: “We’ve discussed many aspects…”

Scalise: How about a travel ban? Have you had that conversation with..

Friedman: We’ve had discussions on the issue of travel to and from West Africa..

Scalise: And have ya’all ruled it out?

Friedman: I can’t speak for the White House but I can tell you that the CDC…

Scalise: You can speak for the CDC. If you were in on those conversations – maybe they had their own conversations without you – but if you were involved in conversations with the White House about a travel ban, did they rule it out – are they still considering it?

Friedman: From the CDC’s perspective, we will consider anything that will protect Americans.

Scalise: Are you going to answer the question about your conversations with the White House? IS THE WHITE HOUSE CONSIDERING A TRAVEL BAN?

Friedman: I can’t speak for the White House.

One gets the feeling that the good doctor has been threatened with having his toenails ripped off if he discloses anything about those ebola conversations. So much for the most transparent administration ever.

Scalise went on to question Friedman about the Marines who have been sent to Liberia, and the lax protocols that are currently in place. He chastised him for  jumping to the conclusion that the nurses in Dallas had violated protocols without knowing for a fact that they had.



Gateway Pundit: SHOCKING: CDC Admits 100-150 People a Day Entering US from Ebola Infected Countries (Video)

The Conversation: As Expected, Dems Push Debunked Ebola Funding Cuts Talking Points At House Hearing


Another Possible Ebola Case Emerges In Ct – Patient Had Recently Traveled From Liberia

As the Regime doubles down on their opposition to travel restrictions for people coming from West Africa, comes news out of Connecticut that another person who recently traveled from West Africa has been rushed to the hospital with “Ebola-like symptoms.”

Via Weasel Zippers: 

NEW HAVEN, Conn. —Hospital officials in at Yale-New Haven Hospital are awaiting test results on a patient who recently traveled to Liberia and was admitted to the hospital with a fever.

“Yale-New Haven Hospital admitted a patient late Wednesday night for evaluation of Ebola-like symptoms. We have not confirmed or ruled out any diagnosis at this point,” the hospital said in a statement, according to the Hartford Courant.

The patient was placed in isolation and a hazmat team was called to the hospital Wednesday night.

According to Hospital officials, the  patient was one of the Yale University student researchers who helped monitor the Ebola outbreak in Liberia last month.


NBC: Initial Tests Indicate Yale Student Does Not Have Ebola:

A Yale University doctoral student hospitalized for treatment of Ebola-like symptoms has tested negative for the virus, according to Rick Fontana of the New Haven Emergency Management Department.

The student was admitted to Yale-New Haven Hospital on Wednesday night and has been kept in isolation. He was one of two students to recently return from a trip to Liberia and exhibited no symptoms upon his arrival back in the U.S., officials said Thursday.

Weasel Of The Week!!


Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control!!


 The Glittering Eye : for saying this  in an interview on Sunday about the nurse infected with Ebola in Dallas:

At some point, there was a breach in protocol, and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection, The (Ebola treatment) protocols work. … But we know that even a single lapse or breach can result in infection.

In other words he went out of his way to blame the patient, getting far out in front of what was actually known about the situation. He didn’t need to do that. He could’ve said something to the effect that they were very confident in their protocols and were exerting every effort to determine how this individual was infected and leave it at that. Now not only has he slammed the poor woman gratuitously, if it turns out that there’s a problem with the protocols he will have dealt a blow to the credibility of the CDC.

Arrogance and an uncaring attitude qualify him as a weasel.

Anyone who wonders where Dr. Frieden obtained this level of arrogance and clueless bureaucratic stupor needs only to look at his history.

His mindset was set in cement during his time at Oberlin College, generally conceded to be one of the more radical colleges in America. After graduating from Columbia Med School, and a stint at WHO, he enhanced his rep as a bureaucrat’s bureaucrat as Nanny Bloomberg’s very own chief health apparatchnik in New York City, responsible for implementing all of the onerous health regs, ‘sin’ taxes and similar liberty destroying programs.

Among other things, Dr. Frieden spent millions of NYC tax dollars on free condoms labeled with – wait for it – a map of the New York city subway system.

For someone who is referred to as an expert on communicable diseases, he continues to astound the world with some of his positions, such as his adamant opposition to a travel ban to the countries where Ebola is running rampant, and his silence on our open borders and some of the diseases illegal aliens have brought over the border with them. Nor did he protest back in 2010 when President Obama quietly abolished CDC quarantine regulations and programs designed to stop an Ebola outbreak here in America. In fact, it’s possible he may even have helped President Obama make that decision.

This is the same man who just today said during a telephone press briefing  that you can’t get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus…but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else.


I’m certain Dr. Frieden isn’t making obviously ridiculous statements like that to misinform the public because he’s under strict orders from the Obama White House to downplay this Ebola stuff until after the midterms.

After all, even though it’s a lot better from the standpoint of politics über alles to blame a nurse for ‘not following protocol’ (even though she insists she did) than to admit this Ebola thing has been  totally mishandled,I’m sure a dedicated health professional like Dr. Tom Frieden would never ever do anything like that.

Or…would he?

Step up and get your richly deserved Golden Weasel, Doctor Friedman! Here ya go. Oh, that saliva or whatever it is on the base? I’m so sorry! The delivery guy was telling me about that grungy character he had to sit next to on the subway coming here. Just wipe it off with your handkerchief, OK?

Well, there it is! 

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Lt. Col Ralph Peters: NY Times Chemical Weapons Story a “Political Stunt”

In what some suspect was an attempt to deflect attention away from the president’s failures ahead of the midterms, The New York Times published a “blockbuster” piece Wednesday on an immense stash of chemical weapons that was allegedly kept secret by the Pentagon. The piece is very long and took days – perhaps weeks to construct – and aims to concoct a Bush era cover-up scandal.

Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades was mostly offended by the false weapons of mass destruction charge which most conservatives have ample experience refuting – but it goes to the heart of the dishonesty of the piece.

 Now, let me start by saying there are parts of this piece that are noteworthy, and those parts recount acts of valor and duty by U.S. service members. That’s not the despicable part. The despicable part is how the NYTimes writers have twisted what happened to these service members to their own end of rewriting the Iraq War.

According to the NYTimes, chemical weapons of mass destruction were indeed found in Iraq during the war, as has been a simmering, off-again-on-again open secret. But the NYTimes says these were not the chemical WMD that President Bush said would be found:

The United States had gone to war declaring it must destroy an active weapons of mass destruction program. Instead, American troops gradually found and ultimately suffered from the remnants of long-abandoned programs, built in close collaboration with the West.The New York Times found 17 American service members and seven Iraqi police officers who were exposed to nerve or mustard agents after 2003. American officials said that the actual tally of exposed troops was slightly higher, but that the government’s official count was classified.

The secrecy fit a pattern. Since the outset of the war, the scale of the United States’ encounters with chemical weapons in Iraq was neither publicly shared nor widely circulated within the military. These encounters carry worrisome implications now that the Islamic State, a Qaeda splinter group, controls much of the territory where the weapons were found.

The first sentence is an absolute lie, uttered at Bush 43’s expense, and made to justify the terrifying conclusion, laid at Obama’s feet, in the last sentence.

This NYTimes piece has an over arching political goal: to cement forever the lie that the Iraq War was directed solely at stopping an active weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq. As we know, the military never found an active weapons program, which makes this a particularly compelling slander.

Fox News’ Bill Hemer had Col. Ralph Peters on to discuss the report – which Peters called a perfectly timed “political stunt” meant to divert attention from Obama’s countless screw-ups.

“At the heart of this story, the US military may have mishandled one to two dozen cases of US troops – no fatalities – who had been exposed to chemical weapons during the occupation of Iraq,” Peters said.

“It looks like bureaucratic clumsiness – there’s no vast, right-wing conspiracy in all of this.”  He said the story tries to connect a lot of dots that aren’t there and “jumps to contusions as the Bowery Boys used to say.”

He continued, “I really believe that the timing is a pre-election attempt to divert attention away from Obama’s reckless deployment of 4,000 (not 2 dozen four THOUSAND) largely unprepared US troops to an Ebola country in West Africa, his utter screw-up of the air campaign against ISIS, his screw-up of Ukraine, the screw-up in Libya, and it’s just not going to work.”

Peters noted that the one time Obama made a prompt decision about sending US troops into a crisis zone it was about Ebola. “Premature, unprepared, and boy I hope they come home safe.”

Both the host, Hemmer and Peters indicated that they didn’t remember the military disclosing in 2006 that they had found chemical weapons, but a June 29, 2006 post at the Dept. of Defense website does just that.

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2006 – The 500 munitions discovered throughout Iraq since 2003 and discussed in a National Ground Intelligence Center report meet the criteria of weapons of mass destruction, the center’s commander said here today.

“These are chemical weapons as defined under the Chemical Weapons Convention, and yes … they do constitute weapons of mass destruction,” Army Col. John Chu told the House Armed Services Committee.

The Chemical Weapons Convention is an arms control agreement which outlaws the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons. It was signed in 1993 and entered into force in 1997.

The munitions found contain sarin and mustard gases, Army Lt. Gen. Michael D. Maples, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said. Sarin attacks the neurological system and is potentially lethal.

“Mustard is a blister agent (that) actually produces burning of any area (where) an individual may come in contact with the agent,” he said. It also is potentially fatal if it gets into a person’s lungs.

The munitions addressed in the report were produced in the 1980s, Maples said. Badly corroded, they could not currently be used as originally intended, Chu added.

While that’s reassuring, the agent remaining in the weapons would be very valuable to terrorists and insurgents, Maples said. “We’re talking chemical agents here that could be packaged in a different format and have a great effect,” he said, referencing the sarin-gas attack on a Japanese subway in the mid-1990s.

This is true even considering any degradation of the chemical agents that may have occurred, Chu said. It’s not known exactly how sarin breaks down, but no matter how degraded the agent is, it’s still toxic.

“Regardless of (how much material in the weapon is actually chemical agent), any remaining agent is toxic,” he said. “Anything above zero (percent agent) would prove to be toxic, and if you were exposed to it long enough, lethal.”

Though about 500 chemical weapons – the exact number has not been released publicly – have been found, Maples said he doesn’t believe Iraq is a “WMD-free zone.”

“I do believe the former regime did a very poor job of accountability of munitions, and certainly did not document the destruction of munitions,” he said. “The recovery program goes on, and I do not believe we have found all the weapons.”

The Defense Intelligence Agency director said locating and disposing of chemical weapons in Iraq is one of the most important tasks servicemembers in the country perform.

Maples added searches are ongoing for chemical weapons beyond those being conducted solely for force protection.

There has been a call for a complete declassification of the National Ground Intelligence Center’s report on WMD in Iraq. Maples said he believes the director of national intelligence is still considering this option, and has asked Maples to look into producing an unclassified paper addressing the subject matter in the center’s report.

Much of the classified matter was slated for discussion in a closed forum after the open hearings this morning.

Peters thought the weapons today would be too degraded to be put to much use, but there are reports coming out that ISIS have been used chemical weapons on the Kurds in Kobane.