Vote R in the Midterms – Don’t Stay Home, Don’t Vote Independent or Libertarian

Everyone who wants to see Harry Reid dethroned in two weeks, raise your hand.

Republicans are expected to take the Senate, but the elections are far from decided. Some of the races are too close for comfort, because Democrats know how to “find” votes when they need them. The truth is, the conservative base needs to come out in massive numbers – no staying home and sulking because the establishment this or the establishment that. No “protest” ( throwaway) vote for a third party. The only way to save the country – or at least slow down its demise is to crush the Democrats in numbers.

An animated Ann Coulter came out of her “bat cave” to appear on Hannity, Tuesday,  to talk about why it’s so important for Conservatives to vote  R in two weeks. And I’m posting the video because I agree with her message 100%.

I know the Republican establishment can be somewhat *disappointing* at times, but don’t even think about voting third party, people. As Coulter notes, we need to have 53-54 seats to provide some padding for 2016, when we’re expected to lose a few. If ObamaCare is ever to be overturned, the Senate has to be in Republican hands when Obama leaves office.

But first, Sean wanted to talk about the nothingburger “has-been intern” Monica Lewinsky story, which Coulter impatiently pushed aside. “At one point I felt sorry for her, but this is getting to be like some aging celebrity’s farewell tour,” she quipped.

Also important – a new Citizens United documentary featuring Michelle Malkin reveals how far left, big moneyed interests poured into Colorado and turned it from red to blue. The same tactics are being used in Texas, and several other states, Malkin says, visibly  disgusted by the rank hypocrisy displayed by  the left as it rails against right leaning donors like the Koch Brothers.

Malkin appeared on the Kelly File to talk about the film, Rocky Mountain Heist:

Here’s a report CNN did on Alison Lundergan Grimes’ embarrassing family business. It’s apropos because she’s staked out positions on the minimum wage and feminism which Hugh Jass – the family business she has worked for – has a mortifyingly bad record on.

Via Truth Revolt: CNN Reports On Alison Grimes’ Hugh Jass Hypocrisy Awkward Family Promos:

“I’m fighting for all Kentuckians, all working Americans across this nation. I don’t believe $7.25 an hour raises a family of four above the poverty level,” says Grimes. However,CNN reports that “her family’s burger joint pays some tipped staffers minimum wage.” It’s a point that Grimes was happy to dodge.

“My family is not in this race. I’m on the ballot. And as much as Mitch McConnell wants to attack my family, he has from the beginning, I’m going to stay focused on the issues. And for me, it’s about making sure that hard working Kentuckians have a bright future. And that future includes having not just a minimum wage, but a living wage.”



Faced with major electoral losses this year, the Democratic Party is pulling out all the stops. For them, that means descending, again, into racism. As Glenn Reynolds says:

Democrats used to use racial fearmongering to get white voters to turn out. Now they use racial fearmongering to get black voters to turn out. Not much else has changed….

The Democratic Party is trying to use the shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri to stimulate black turnout. There is zero reason to believe that the Brown incident had anything to do with race. Is there any evidence that Wilson, if attacked by a 6′ 4″, 292 pound white man, would not have shot him? No. Wilson may or may not have overreacted; we may never know for sure. But connecting the incident to race is sheer political opportunism by the Democrats.

The Daily Caller: Does This Video Show A Hispanic Activist Openly Committing Vote Fraud?


A Republican party official in the largest county in Arizona says surveillance tape shows a progressive Hispanic activist blatantly and openly engaging in vote fraud.

The surveillance video below was recorded on Aug. 25 during this year’s primary election cycle at a central Maricopa County elections processing facility on the edge of downtown Phoenix.

A. J. LaFaro, Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee obtained the video. He was watching the polls that day during the early-voting period voting for the Aug. 26 primary.

“The team processing the early ballots through the optical scanning equipment had gotten way ahead of the ‘upstream’ citizen boards preparing the early ballot batches for processing,” the Republican party official said, according to the Arizona Daily Independent.

While the information systems coordinator was on a long lunch break, he explained, he was “seated at one of the cubicles looking toward the reception area that is now behind bullet proof glass because of the violence and protesting that occurred by militant groups during the November 2012 general election.”

If Democrats win any seats in two weeks, it will be through using tactics like these.


Signs that Democrats are going to lose:

WaPo: Democrats have an early vote problem:

Compared to overall voter registration, Iowa and North Carolina Democrats are doing much worse than earlier in the month, and Republicans in those states much better.
 We’ve also added new states that recently began early voting: Nevada, California and Colorado. In each, Republicans are outperforming Democrats.

RCP: A Sign “Democrats Are Going To Lose” Is “There’s Already Finger Pointing”

The clearest indication we have that Democrats are going to lose:
My phone was lighting up yesterday with White House officials blaming Senate candidates and the [Democratic] Senate Campaign Committee and Senate campaigns complaining about the White House.
 There’s already finger-pointing inside the Democratic Party
That’s 46 percent to 37 percent for the GOP.


2010    DEM + 18,008

2012    DEM + 55,769

2014     DEM + 1,441

8 thoughts on “Vote R in the Midterms – Don’t Stay Home, Don’t Vote Independent or Libertarian

  1. Unfortunately, voting Republican is not a cure-all. Neither is a “crushing” margin for the GOP:
    — Most Republicans are barely more conservative than their Democrat opponents;
    — Most Republicans merely give lip service to pro-freedom values and positions, while frequently voting for statist measures;
    — As with all career politicians, the Republican pol’s highest priority is remaining in office.

    In other words, the typical GOP politician is about as much of a whore as his Democrat opposite number; he’s just singing a different love song. Worse yet, the syndrome is at its most intense in the ranks of the Republican leadership. Those kingmakers have no principles and no agenda other than electoral success.

    We speak of the need to defeat the Democrats in apocalyptic terms. The real challenge is how to thwart them without delivering an unwarranted message of approval to the useless-at-best, pernicious-at-worst Republicans…and that, unfortunately, is very difficult to do if one has already resolved to vote for them despite all other considerations.

    Here in New York, the typical Republican candidate for office runs on a minimum of two ballot lines: Republican and Conservative. Thus, a vote on the Conservative ticket would at least reduce the message of approbation. If such an alternative is available to you, I strongly advise you to take it.


  2. The democrats prevail in no fair election. The question is whether they have the means to cheat and steal enough votes to come close to holding the Senate.
    None of this matters to Obama. His end game – to radically alter the course of the nation (and society) allows for loss of both houses. Here is my prediction: after the the election Obama steams forward using executive orders. He will push until the system breaks or until an impeachment proceeding is begun. In his twisted world (read: Islamic martyrdom) Obama would see victory in that such an effort would be perceived negatively and cause the next election cycle to swing back to his communist/liberal perspective. Shouts of racism would be all that we would hear from the media and then the dunderheads (read: republicans) will cower in defeat.


  3. “I know the Republican establishment can be somewhat disappointing at times…”

    And…Ann “Christie-no wait a minute-Romney” Coulter is supposed to inspire/guide us? PHHHHHHHT.

    While I agree in general, I have to say H*LL NO to Boehner, McConnell and Cochran.


  4. the democratcs will win big this election cycle because of electronic voting fraud. It is the only way they can win and when they do watch your wallet and guns go fly away.


  5. The Tea Party is at fault for not having the Senate now?? Ann is all over the place and supports Romney?

    This time I’m choking it down and voting for Beauprez for Gov here in CO. Even though when he was my representative in the 7th, he was miserable-his idiocy in voting for 100s of BILLIONS in deficit spending set the stage for Pelosi and Obama to lie their way into power & spend TRILLIONS. He never once addressed any of the issues I wrote him or called his office about.

    But I swear, if we nominate Jeb or Christie or Romney or ANYONE that does not represent my values in 2016, I’m going 3rd party. We know that a Constitutional conservative, OPENLY expressing conservative principles, won 2 land slide victories in the 80s. I am sick and tired of this death by a 1,000 cuts we’re getting with almost a 30 year run of RINOs.

    Let effing Hillary finish the damn job then because I’m done choosing the lesser of two evils.

    BTW, you watch how little a difference having McConnell as majority leader is going to make. I hope I’m wrong but these establishment Rs are bought and paid for by corporate interests and us pee-ons don’t mean squat.


  6. Great post and I agree with you 100%
    While not all republicans are holding to the platform as closely as they should and sure some are far off base, many like Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and others are on task and if they don’t have the Senate their hands will continue to be tied. I will vote Republican all the way for this reason. There is power in numbers. We cannot divide our vote or we will lose. Yeah, maybe with all the fraud we will lose anyway, but I will do what is best for our country and that is voting on the Republican platform that does value our freedoms. Democrats get behind their guy or woman no matter what, no matter how far left or corrupt—we can’t even get behind someone with actual common sense and values because they may have one or two things we disagree with-and with that we don’t have a fighting chance!


  7. There was a time, not so long ago that I rarely {if ever} disagreed with Saint Ann. Since she has lost her mind during the 2012 election cycle I find more and more disagreeing with her. Especially with the above.

    {To borrow a phrase from a wise old real conservative}: “I didn’t leave the democrat {insert republican here} party, the democrat {insert republican party here}, left me.”

    After going through her cycle of infatuation with Governor Crisco, she came to realize the only “real” conservative republican in the race was Mitt Romney in ’12. When asked recently what she thought of Romney leading the early polls for President and asked if she thought he would run, Ann responded with “hopefully”. I got news for Ann, Romney or Crisco are “conservatives”. Not close, but ask close as one gets in the northeast.

    Ann needs to get over this obsession she has with Christine O’Donnell and her losing. As if Christine, Nevada and Missouri were the only loses the repubics lost that year. Ann is always most useful when she is aiming her guns outward and towards dems, not republicans.

    I refuse to partake in the destruction of this Country. The republican party and it’s current leadership have been bystanders for the last six years, as our U.S. Constitution has been shredded. The likes of McConnell and the Weeper of the House are part and parcel a huge part of the problem. Mitch all but disappeared from the map when the Senate was debating Immigration and Continuing Resolutions. Boner, is no better and a complete weasel.

    The “entrenched party boys” {McConnell, Boner, Rove, Cornyn and Barbour} promised they were going to “destroy” the Tea Party in the primaries, they had much success in doing just that. They finally found out a way to “turn out the Black Vote” in Mississippi, too bad it was to destroy the best candidate in the race, and to save one of their own. Now they expect those same people to “turn out, hold their collective noses” and pull a level for them. Knowing full well as soon as the next Congress meets, they will continue to be part of the problem. They will do nothing to repeal obamacare or to stop the President and his pending Amnesty for millions upon millions of illegal immigrants, they will do nothing in stopping another radical appointment to the Supreme Court, as Attorney General or anything else. They just go along to get along. .

    Re-electing these repubic weasel bastids with accomplish nothing but delay the coming implosion. We are losing this Country each and every day, re-electing the active participants for new terms will only delay the destruction. I refuse to be a part of it. Our Military has been systematically destroyed from within, worse than the days of jimma karta. It all unfolded right before our eyes, one head at a time just like the jihadist do it.

    I’ll be sitting over here, packed, loaded and ready to go. . . . call me when we finally decide to save this Country and put it back on the right course. Until then, all these weasel repubics can kiss my A$$, I’m tired of holding my nose and waiting for them to start doing their jobs. Ann should know better than the crap she is promoting.


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