Greta Van Susteren: Will Midterms Be Plagued By Historic Levels Of Voter Fraud?

It’s my biggest fear less than a week out from the midterm elections. You know what they say – Republicans have to have a commanding  lead –  outside the margin of voter fraud – to win elections. Obama’s been importing millions of illegal immigrants, while his wing-man Holder has been suing states for passing voter integrity laws. No matter how good things look for Republicans, the fraud could surpass the margin of difference in places like Colorado, and North Carolina.


Via Drudge:



Massive Non-Citizen Voting Uncovered in Maryland…

La Raza Rising…

4 thoughts on “Greta Van Susteren: Will Midterms Be Plagued By Historic Levels Of Voter Fraud?

  1. Yet another election cycle where this subject is once again raising it’s ugly head. The dimoCraps have engaged in this and have taken it to unbelievable levels. John Fund has been reporting this for years and has written a book on the subject. Eric Shawn of Fox News has reported regularly on voter fraud for years.

    If only 5-10% of the total votes cast are fraudulent, that has been enough to sway some serious elections ever since 2000 and Bush v Gore. That idiot Franken won by votes than were located in the trunk of a car, weeks after the election date. He took the election by some 350 or so votes.

    The biggest enemy this Country faces is from within and the dimoCrap party has been leading the charge for years now.


  2. I have no doubt that here in CO, the forces of evil have been hard at work for months creating 1,000s of fictitious people with keystrokes that have been sent ballots. If we had true leadership in DC, they would be raising hell with this corruption-but we don’t. And you know why? Because to them, it really doesn’t matter who is in charge, their gravy train rumbles on.

    It’s going to take the blood Jefferson spoke about to make it right.


  3. Interesting that Oregon has turned deepest blue, especially when considering the voting here is exclusively by mail.

    Voting by mail. What could possibly go wrong with that?

    What an invitation to massive fraud, and I’m personally convinced the Democraps, in concert with some of the county elections officials, have taken advantage of every illegal activity possible to ensure the election results. Can I prove that? Of course not. But show me a criminal or criminal organization that wouldn’t take advantage of fraud without punishment.

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