No Apologies, And No One To Be Held Accountable For “Chickensh*t” Comment

The guessing game has begun as to who in the Obama Regime told Obama toadie Jeffrey Goldberg Netanyahu was recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, “Aspergery” and chickenshit. 

On that front, it’s worth noting that the person being repeatedly being called “chickenshit” by  anonymous officials volunteered for the Israeli Defense Force, saw combat, and was the leader of an elite special-forces unit deployed on numerous missions, including the freeing of hijacked Sabena Flight in 1972, where he was shot. Granted, this might not be as courageous as hopping the Amtrak from Delaware to DC each day or rallying the troops at a fundraiser in Greenwich, but God knows we can’t all be heroes.

The worst part of the insults was the gloating over how the Regime pressured and bullied Israel into living with a nuclear Iran.

This official agreed that Netanyahu is a ‘chickenshit’ on matters related to the comatose peace process, but added that he’s also a ‘coward’ on the issue of Iran’s nuclear threat. The official said the Obama administration no longer believes that Netanyahu would launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to keep the regime in Tehran from building an atomic arsenal. ‘It’s too late for him to do anything. Two, three years ago, this was a possibility. But ultimately he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. It was a combination of our pressure and his own unwillingness to do anything dramatic. Now it’s too late.’

Now, it’s too late. They’re actually proud of themselves. Do these children even know what they have done?

The Regime is not denying the story is true, nor are they interested in punishing the person or persons who have characterized the Israeli Prime Minister in insulting and scatological terms. Nor are they interested in apologizing to Netanyahu or Israel for the insults.

They seem to be pleased that the story was leaked.

Via Truth Revolt:

Earnest was asked if he had yet been able to determine if in fact the quote was even accurate. He has not, but that didn’t stop him from making sure that everyone knows that Goldberg is super reliable and knows lots of people, so it probably is.

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Have you been able to determine whether or not that comment was even made?

Earnest: I have not, Jim. I don’t say that to question the reporting of somebody like Mr. Goldberg, who obviously is a very well-respected journalist here in Washington. He’s somebody that has a lot of sources inside the administration. So, I didn’t come here seeking to undermine his reporting.

He was also asked if the White House has any intention of looking into who might have said this and punishing them in some way, as they have done before. Nope.


Via Weasel Zippers, State Department: We Are Not Going To Apologize For Calling Netanyahu A “Chickenshit”…

And Netanyahu responds: “the attack on me only comes because I’m defending Israel.”


8 thoughts on “No Apologies, And No One To Be Held Accountable For “Chickensh*t” Comment

  1. RE: “Do these children even know what they have done? [nuclear Iran]”
    Sure they do. They want a strong and powerful Shiite state to counter the growing Suni threat (e.g. ISIS/ISIL). Iran, of course, will continue to back terrorists that threaten Israel, but that’s a feature — not a bug. In their twisted view of the world, Israel is an enemy of world peace, so any state that fights Israel, even through terrorism, is a good thing. I’m sure that they have a deal in place that Iran will not test a nuclear weapon until they leave office, so the bad press and consequences will be left to the next administration. That administration will probably be headed by Secretary of State Clinton, who will not be able to run from it. If not, it will be a Republican, and they’ll be stuck with it. (Of course, Iran may renege and test their toy early.) And all of this depends on the American people failing to remember how President Obama promised that Iran wouldn’t get the bomb and the mainstream media not reminding them and covering up the failure. Both are a sure bet.

    Of course the long-term peace and security of the Middle East will be in danger, and a new arms race will intensify, but the morons in the White House think the next two years and two months are the long term. They don’t care about anything beyond that.


  2. I found that article insulting and somewhat interesting. On one hand they call Bibi a chickensh!t, then shortly later in the article they readily admit that it was their own {the regimes} doing of putting a leash on him and it being inevitable that Iran was going to go nuclear. In a bragging sort of way admitting that it was their own doing that Iran will become a nuclear power.

    What could possibly go wrong? Wonder how the organizations like AIPAC and other domestic Jew organizations are feeling about their boy wonder {obola} now? With the deadline coming soon on the talks, I wonder how they are going to keep this agreement from going before Congress, and what ultimately will the republicans to about it?

    This situation between boy wonder and Bibi has been fermenting for quite some time now.


  3. Maybe they’re hesitant to identify and go after the admin “official” because everyone who would investigate knows it came from ol’ Floppy Ears himself?

    This admin has been quick (lightspeed?) to try to find admin sources of leaks detrimental to the administration (even to the point of illegal activities concerning reporters/”journalists”), so it’s very telling this doesn’t even register a blip on their radar.

    BTW, ND, my time recouping here at home is over, I’m hitting the road again in the morning. Thanks for all the reporting, I’ve enjoyed being in touch again.


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