Rachel Maddow Distorted Stuart Varney’s Position On Cheap Gas To Fool Her Clueless Viewers

No, Rachel Maddow was not “humiliated” because she was outed by Stuart Varney  for ‘Lazy’ Journalism. If she were capable of humiliation or embarrassment she wouldn’t be working at MSNBC.
And no, she didn’t receive  “a lesson in journalism” after being caught  peddling a fraudulent report about Fox Business. Her low info audience only gets its news from left wing sources so they’ll never hear a correction. She knew she was on solid ground telling her “Faux News” hating audience that Stuart Varney is against lower gas prices because he hate-hate-hatey-hates our historic black president and they’ll never know anything different.
 The smirking Maddow ridiculed  a Fox Business screen cap that read, “Cheap Gas Hurts Economy?”
 The only problem with Maddow’s report: Fox Business contributor Stuart Varney was actually debunking the idea, not supporting it.

She then shared that with viewers and launched into a monologue where she made fun of the station as if it were supportive of the idea. But as Varney points out, “had she watched 15 seconds” of the program, she would have seen that they were actually against the theory.

“Rachel Maddow took me on and she got it wrong,” Varney said, adding that she had “turned to the classic style of the left: demagoguery without facts” and “twisting the truth” to fit an agenda.

“We posed the question to debunk it. She didn’t care to take time to notice that very important detail,” Varney said prior to playing the incriminating clip from Maddow’s show. “If Maddow watched just 15 seconds of the segment she showed so briefly on her program she would have known we were reciting a Wall Street Journal article that raised the premise of low gas prices hurting the economy. And we quickly dismissed that premise.”

Actually she noticed the detail, all right, and she cynically decided to demagogue the issue, anyway. What else is a lefty  going to report on, these days? The upcoming mid-term bloodbath? The Regime’s many scandals and failures? All the juicy stuff out there, has to be embargoed to protect their fellow travelers in high places. Even on PMSNBC I imagine, the War on Women refrain has gotten stale and Bridgegate is Oversville. They literally have to make stuff up just to provide content for their dumb shows.


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