Dems Saying Privately Midterm Drubbing Was “All Obama’s Fault”… DCCC Asks Supporters To Thank Obama

On Fox news’ Special Report, Wednesday night, The Hill’s AB Stoddard in a discussion about Obama’s press conference, noted that he was still “defiant” and not inclined to change anything. “He in I think a bit of denial – but so are the Democrats,” she noted. “What we hear privately from them last night and today is it’s all his (Obama’s) fault and what you hear publicly is that our people don’t come out in midterms so it doesn’t really matter. They haven’t figured out what mistakes they’re going to have to fix for 2016 and then 2018.” Via Weasel Zippers:

Meanwhile, also via Weasel Zippers, see if this makes sense: DCCC Asks Supporters To “Thank” Obama For GOP Crushing Dems Across The Board…


First off, you know we’re not afraid to be blunt. So we’ll just come out and say it: last night was rough. We registered more voters, and made more phone calls, and knocked on more doors than ever before. But we were still left with heartbreaking losses. Although make no mistake: last night’s results were no accident. It was the result of Republicans’ cynical political strategy that put hurting President Obama before helping the American people. […] So if you’re still fighting with us… if you’re still standing with the President… sign our note to President Obama thanking him for all he’s done and letting him know that we have his back.

Yep, the Democrat party still needs to figure some things out.

MORE: Bill O’Reilly had Charles Krauthammer on The Factor to talk about the shellacking. Dr. K said of Obama, “he’s a strange combination of obliviousness and recklessness.” He didn’t recommend that the GOP impeach Obama – he said they need to be very disciplined and avoid that. He later elaborated on how to do that. “You say this unconstitutional, illegal and we’re going to find every way can to make sure that it is not funded, that this does not get a penny of the purse. It is illegal to enact anything by executive order unless you get some appropriation from the Congress.” He went on to say that the E/O could be reversed in 2018.

SEE ALSO: Obama Warns: If Republicans Pass Immigration Reform, Executive Amnesty ‘Goes Away’

Obama doubled down on the amnesty threat during today’s press conference, affirming that it would happen because Republicans haven’t been willing to work with him for the past two years. He said that the best way to avoid his unlawful action would be for Congress to cooperate and put a bill on his desk. Sounding like a Chicago shakedown artist, the president promised that if Congress behaves and passes an immigration law he likes, the executive overreach will “go away.”

“I think that the best way, if folks are serious about getting immigration reform done, is going ahead and passing a bill and getting it to my desk. And then the executive actions that I take go away. They’re superseded by the law that is passed. And I will engage any member of Congress who’s interested in this in how we can shape legislation that will be a significant improvement over the existing system.

Serious question: How is it not a form of extortion for a president to threaten to take an extreme unilateral action if Congress doesn’t do what he wants?


5 thoughts on “Dems Saying Privately Midterm Drubbing Was “All Obama’s Fault”… DCCC Asks Supporters To Thank Obama

  1. Reminds me of a billboard for a casino along I-5, advertising they have an RV park. The big part of the billboard reads “NICE RV”.

    My first, immediate reaction (since I had been thinking politics, Holder and Zero anyway) was, “Be a shame if anything happened to it.”

    Seems as though Zero’s extortion racket with Congress is about to take that turn.


  2. That’s why Dr. K is past his prime. Impeachment should be high on the list of things to do. Bill Clinton was impeached for much less. Obama’s Fast and Furious has lead to deaths.


  3. The McConnell weasel factor is already starting to show it’s ugly head. Within 24 hours he has already announced that there will be “no shut down of the gubermint” and suggested that no vote will be taken for a total repeal of obamaKare.

    Most of these newly elected Senators and Congresspeps ran saying that would vote for repeal of obamaKare, and now Mitch is saying there won’t be a vote on that. All during the primary season and then into the election season demoCraps continuously said that they didn’t know that “people won’t be able to keep their health insurance” and that the rates wouldn’t rise to the levels that we are seeing now.

    To soften the ground for the ’16 season, wouldn’t it be nice if the repubic leadership “put every remaining dem” on the record as to whether they still “support obamaKare”? Make everyone of them go on the record for either supporting or repealing the law. Pass it on to the President and let him veto it.

    It was just one year ago that the republicans shut down 17% of the Gubermint. . . .17%. The ONLY citizens affected by that shutdown were Veterans and School Kids. Conservatives and Tea Partiers were told that the shutdown would come back and bite all of us in the next election. Fast forward till now . . . . we picked up 8 Senate seats and 12+ House seats. So where was the punishment? Mitch handed back the purse strings back to the President yesterday by saying there would be no shut down when he takes over.

    Within 24 hours the betrayal has already started.


  4. The GOP leadership isn’t capable of governing with a long-term vision. They can only function in two year increments, cowering in quivering fear at every bit of criticism the Democrat media complex throws their way. So big things never get done.

    I don’t know if the establishment has noticed, but the Dem media is losing patience with King Putt (did you watch the presser, yesterday? Good Lord. I was having flashbacks to the Bush years.) There might be more sympathy for any actions they take to rein Putt in, then they might think.


  5. Mitchie, flanked by the traitorous (to the Republican cause and ideals) John-boy, will make sure the treasonous TEA partiers are kept in their place, thus ensuring Hillarious, Slo Joe or some other Democrap wins in 2016.

    It’s all in their plan to keep themselves in the minority party because they enjoy being whipping boys for the LSM so much. If they really wanted to run the country they could do so by running an outstanding program of employment, economic sensational proposals, oil independence, etc., and let Zero veto every bill that makes a lick of sense, then go after Zero for criminally shredding the Constitution with his Executive Orders that steal what the Constitution rightfully reserved to the legislative branch.

    But they won’t. They won’t even go after executive branch agencies for bastardizing simple legislation that has been legally passed, let alone after the IRS for creating conflicting and onerous law all by itself without direction from those properly empowered by the Constitution.


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