Buckle Up: The Ferguson Saga To Climax As Soon As This Weekend

The Ferguson/Michael Brown saga is panning out just about how you expected it would after the first pieces of solid evidence came out back in August. I reserved judgement, like I always do when racially charged  stories like this one hit – because if we’ve learned one thing over the years – it’s that the initial narrative that comes out is almost always completely bogus.   The story the racial agitators told about an unarmed “gentle giant” with his arms up in the air, getting plugged with lead by an insane racist cop is the horse hocky you always suspected it was.

The same evidence we eventually saw, our president and attorney general saw – and they opted to rub raw the wounds of racial animus with the hope that it would lead to electoral success in the midterms. It didn’t. But it did lead to millions of dollars in property damage and massive social unrest.

Too many Americans of all races see what is going on – Communists, Islamists, Occupiers and other radicals streaming into the area and with the acquiescence of the Obama administration, using extortion to advance their agenda.

Case in Point: St. Louis University. The Jesuit institution found David Horowitz in 2010  too radical to be allowed a platform to speak on their premises, but four years later welcomed with open arms the Ferguson-linked “Occupy SLU movement.” Talk about a perfect mark for these brazenly opportunistic radicals.

On October 8th the black grievance industry (BGI) helped the Ferguson protesters coordinate the Occupy SLU movement at Saint Louis University. SLU is a private catholic university. Yesterday the occupiers packed up and left. Today the motives and agenda becomes clear.

The BGI extorted the school to give race-based concessions including payoffs for black students, scholarships, black studies programs and additional aid for black students only. Apparently, the school president, Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., acquiesced:



In exchange for meeting the extortion demands the Occupy movement would leave the school campus – but the school, not the occupiers, would have to clean up their mess.

Saul Alinsky would be proud. Clearly the Attorney General is – he sent a a letter of high praise to St. Louis University President Fred Pestello, commending him for his handling of  the Occupy SLU protest.

After mid term shellacking Part Deux, who do you suppose  the first people Obama met with at the White House were? If you guessed “a group of the nation’s most egregious racial agitators” – you are correct.

“President Obama huddled with top civil rights leaders at the White House on Wednesday, hours after his party lost control of the Senate”….

Attendees at the meeting included NAACP president Cornell Brooks, National Urban League president Marc Morial, and Rev. Al Sharpton.

Nobody can predict with 100% certainty what the grand jury is going to decide, but it’s looking increasingly like officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted (nor should he be.) That decision could come as early as this weekend.


Obama and Holder are getting their ducks in a row in preparation for that result.  You can expect the DOJ’s “Community Relations Service” to be heavily involved in Ferguson when the bomb hits. Their job won’t be to quell the flames but to make excuses for them.

The CRS activity as written would have you believe they are a civil rights entity whose primary purpose is to keep the peace and racial harmony amid potentially explosive social events like the Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown shootings.

Historically that’s a fair interpretation of their original intents.  However, since Attorney General Eric Holder took charge of the DOJ they have taken on a divergent goal.

The former head of the CRS, Ondray Harris, (quoted in the above statement) actually quit working for the federal government because President Obama and Eric Holder forced a very specific racial agenda into the agency.   The CRS was changed from aiding and assisting civil rights challenges, to a position of advocating for the professionally black.

The CRS is now primarily focused on controlling the “optics” of the various civil rights groups; they are, in essence, in the public relations business.   In the Eric Holder era we have to change the descriptions to give more accuracy to the new reality.

Has the Regime’s extortion racket  kicked into high gear? The Magic 8-ball says “You may rely on it.”

Via Gateway Pundit, meet  Bassem Masri, one of CRS’s projects: a Hamas fan and vocal Ferguson protester, who was arrested for assaulting a police officer:
Bassem Masri

Bassem Masri posted video where he verbally assaulted police in Ferguson, Missouri.
Now he’s charged with assaulting a police officer.


On Wednesday Bassem Masri tweeted out that he was contacted by Holder’s DOJ and will meet with them to discuss police reform.

What sort of concessions do you suppose the Obama/Holder/racial grievance cabal are going to try to wrench out of the Ferguson police Dept. “or else?”

As the Conservative Treehouse (a font of valuable information on Ferguson and Trayvon Martin) noted, CRS has it’s work cut out for them as the PR firm for the thugs running rampant in Ferguson.

So far, for the CRS, the Saint Louis/Ferguson mobs have been difficult to protect from their own broadcasted image.  But they are expending massive resources in/around the area to diffuse the imagery of rioting and looting black mob violence ahead of the Grand Jury no-bill decision.

The imagery is the most important aspect, this will be the primary focus.  Remember the CRS is no longer in the business of racial healing – their mission objectives now are to protect the public image of the black grievance industry; they are the PR firm.

CRS members are difficult to spot, but if you know what too look for -and you remember the goals- you will be able to identify the CRS members as they appear.

They are usually AME church members, civic leaders, or professional leftists and community organizers, many from the immediate area who are focused -primarily- on racial issues.   About half of the CRS activists will be from the outside Saint Louis as they operate based on regional areas of responsibility; the other half will be contracted and paid from within the local community.

The “community” had a meeting, last night, and sent one of their own to the hospital – a misguided white college student, who has been marching in unity with the agitators and videotaping them for his live-stream channel.

From the Justice for Mike Brown Facebook page, in the agitators own words:

The meeting we had earlier at the church at 9950 Glen Owen Dr, St Louis, MO, alot of us attended the meeting but what happened with the attack on a peaceful protester was wrong and should have been handled a different way. Some of us already know that no live-streaming is allowed at the meeting and but when they told him to stop live streaming he probably didn’t hear or understand and when everbody just rushed him and told to stop live streaming and get the F××k out and then all of sudden he gets jumped and attacked. He is a student at UMSL college and he has been out there with us protesting on regular nights. Some of us know who he is, his name is Chris Schaefer, and NO, he’s not working with the police, he is on our side. But like I said again, for some of yall to just attack him having him, running down Chambers St towards West Florissant to the Walgreens scared for his life and he steady screaming crying and flagging down cars asking for help, but he only gets help when he runs inside the Walgreens, that was wrong and F××ked up it really was he was they took him to the hospital by ambulance to be treated for injuries. That’s making us look bad, the ones that come out to protest peacefully, smh, and he is white but that don’t mean to attack him like that! We have supporters of all races!

Holder’s partner for police reform, Bassem Masri defended the attack on Twitter.

Yo this had nothing to do with the kid being white,in STL if u don’t respect some1 saying don’t record us & u record,u asking4 it

Here is Schaefer’s pathetic hospital room statement:

The Youtube comments reveal God-awful racial divisions the likes of which we  haven’t seen since the 60s.

I hope the Community Organizer in Chief is proud.


The Daily Caller for more on Bassem Masri and the meeting he attended on Thursday.

 He does not make clear which DOJ meeting he attended, but the timing coincides with a two-day event being held by the agency’s Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) division.

The stated goal of that meeting, which was closed to the press, is to “build trust and strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve is the first of several regional collaborative reform trainings on law enforcement strategies and best practices.”

Masri wrote after the meeting on Thursday that “DOJ said the Administration is FULLY aware of the national anger against law enforcement” and that it planned to implement any reforms it enacted in Ferguson “on a national level.”

If the DOJ’s goal with the session is to bolster the relationship between the community and local police, Masri seems to be an odd choice to provide guidance.

St. Louis’ local Fox affiliate profiled Masri last month, calling attention to his aggressive stance towards police.

“What you doing here, bro?” Masri is heard saying during one of his live streams to a St. Louis police officer on Oct. 8, the night another black teenager, VonDerrit Myers was shot by an off-duty police officer.

“Get the fuck out of here with your coward ass boys!” Masri shouted. ”Your life is in danger, homie, you gotta go.”

“I’m praying for your death, and your death and your death,” Masri said, calling out individual police officers.

In another confrontation with police, Masri compared officers to the brutal terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

“I see ISIS in front of me,” Masri said to officers before expressing his support for another terrorist group, Hamas.

“Hamas? They’re real men. You go stand with Hamas and see if you’re going to stand a day,” said Masri.

Masri first gained national attention when, on Oct. 20, he shut down a CNN live broadcast in Ferguson because he and other protesters thought the network was biased.

“You’re all run by Zionists,” Masri shouted at CNN anchor Sarah Sidener.

“They’re all run by Israel, so they’ve all got to go,” he is heard saying while filming the encounter for his live stream.

The guy’s rabidly anti-police, anti-Israel, and pro Hamas. No wonder the Regime is reaching out to him. I’m surprised they haven’t given him a job in the Civil Rights division of the DOJ.


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