Video: Showdown Between Prez & GOP On Immigration: Things Are About to Get ‘Sucky’ For Obama

The ball is back in the president’s court, Megyn Kelly said Thursday night after six Senate Republicans sent a “blistering letter” to outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, urging him to block Obama’s illegal executive action. Meanwhile John Boehner promised Obama that he will “get burned” if he tries it.

Kelly had on Senator Jeff Sessions, the new Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee (doesn’t that sound nice?) to discuss what can be done to stop the imperial president. Sessions told Kelly that congress would have to bar the expenditure of any money to carry out the president’s scheme, “because it would be a very expensive scheme.”

Kelly then had Fox News Political Editor Chris Stirewalt on to talk about Obama’s motives – what’s going through his head. She asked him t if he agreed with Charles Krauthammer’s take that Obama was pushing amnesty so he can remain relevant.

Stirewalt replied that he wasn’t sure if Obama really understands yet how “sucky” his life is about to get. “I think it hasn’t occurred to him the magnitude of this.”

The president will now have to go to congress for funding of his pet projects and “Harry Reid was Obama’s greatest enabler and his greatest protector,” Stirewalt said. “He allowed the president to  ot have to govern and not have to deal with these sorts of issues.”

He argued that “if there’s been when one overarching political interest of this president, it is to break the Republican party” and continue his divide and conquer method of governance.



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