Dr. Ben Carson Throws His Hat Into The Ring For 2016 (Video)

Who doesn’t love Dr. Ben Carson?

Via MRC TV: 

The first Republican to officially announce his candidacy is Dr. Ben Carson, famous pediatric neurosurgeon and author of NY Times bestseller “One Nation.”

Carson became a household name in conservative circles after he was invited to the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. Carson chose to speak his mind on health care and political correctness to President Barack Obama, stunning the audience.

John Philip Sousa, the great grandson of the famous composer, started a super PAC that has raised over $11 million to draft Dr. Carson to run.

It seems the Doctor has heard their call, and will air an almost 40-minute long video on ABC News introducing himself as a candidate to the American people.

 Senator Bob Corker didn’t have a comment about the Carson run, when asked. What a maroooon.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Ben Carson Throws His Hat Into The Ring For 2016 (Video)

  1. I love Dr Carson, I think he’s great. His Mother was a amazing woman, raising two children that eventually became a “Brain Surgeon and a Rocket Scientist”. I just wish he had dipped his toes in the starter pool somewhere as a warm up.

    Oh BTW, Corker is a idiot {being as charitable as I can}.


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