Jeanine Pirro: “Mr President, Americans See Through You…” (Video)

Judge Jeanine Pirro took great relish in spiking the football on her show Justice with Judge Jeanine, Saturday night.

She crowed that the president’s “effort to create a socialist style government under the guise of being simply progressive, was overwhelmingly rejected by you, the voters!”

“You rejected the make-believe war on woman that this administration tried to sell,” Pirro continued. “The voters this time NOT ‘low-information’ but instead briefed and savvy to the charades, the shell games and the lies.”

After playing the clip from the president’s post shellacking presser Wednesday, when he said he heard the 2/3 of the voters who didn’t vote for him, she asked Obama incredulously, “you heard them, too? What did they tell you?!”

She also hammered him for trying to blame Washington for his own miserable failures.

“Mr. President,” Pirro began with a smile. “One of the reasons Washington doesn’t work well is because as a leader – if you want to call yourself that! – you have created more division, more anger, and more hostility than most of us can remember in recent history.”

She then rolled off a list of scandals and failures that he has presided over leading to a poisonous atmosphere in Washington.

“And now you dig your deals in even deeper?” she said alluding to his executive action on amnesty.

“Mr president, with all due respect, You’re still a bully!” Pirro exclaimed.  It’s you saying do it my way or I’ll do an executive order to do it my way. Nowhere did you indicate that you would compromise with the historically large Republican congress just voted in by the American people.”

“Mr president , Americans see through you, Pirro declared. Truth and justice is what they want. They want to take back America – and make no mistake – they have just begun.”

Pirro had on the Blaze’s military analyst Buck Sexton to discuss the latest dangerous Gitmo detainee to be released by the Regime.


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