Marc Thiessen: Gruber tape is “Biggest Self Indictment this Administration Has Ever Had” (Video)

Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter for George W. Bush, was on “The Kelly File” to discuss the newly released bombshell video where ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber smugly revealed that a “lack of transparency” was necessary to fool the stupid American people in order to get the unpopular law passed.

Via Fox News Insider:

“If it takes lying to us to get what they want done, they’re willing to do it,” Thiessen said.

Thiessen described Gruber as so condescending that “he actually wrote a comic book to explain ObamaCare because of course we’re not smart enough to read chapter books.” Thiessen noted that the book describes the individual mandate as “the spinach we have to eat in order to get the dessert that is fairly priced health insurance. “

“This is the liberal view of America, Thiessen elaborated.  “That we are all to stupid to know what’s good for us – that we need experts like Jonathan Gruber to feed us our spinach and if they have to hide it from us – if they have to lie about it – hide it in our food, that’s okay as long as they get what they want.”

Megyn Kelly noted that she invited Gruber back on the show to defend himself tonight, but  he wasn’t interested in coming on.

“You know what? We’re no longer interested in you, Mr. Gruber, and 28 Democrats who voted for that health care law just got fired by the American people because eventually they realized they had been lied to,” Kelly said.  “One by one, the misrepresentations have come out and the American people have had their say.”

Thiessen concluded that the Gruber tape represented “the biggest self-indictment this administration has ever had.”


One thought on “Marc Thiessen: Gruber tape is “Biggest Self Indictment this Administration Has Ever Had” (Video)

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