Sharyl Attkisson on the Mark Levin Show: There Is Now a Consensus That Obama Treats Journalists Badly

Sharyl Attkisson was on the Mark Levin Show, Monday night to talk about her to new book, Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington…which Levin described as “stunningly disturbing.”

Levin, remarking on the amount of government harassment she endured for having the temerity to investigate the Obama administration, said, “I’m sure that so many journalists are coming to your defense, right?”

Attkisson gave a little laugh and said that there are two answers to that: “the usual suspects which are defending the administration and powers that be at all costs and  furthering their propaganda – no they have not come to my defense. But I have been warmly welcomed and supported – much of it behind the scenes – by a lot of journalists who have made similar observations – I mean this is now a consensus – it’s not going on a limb to say that this administration has treated journalists badly.” She added, “some of the anecdotes of other journalists are in the book – so I wasn’t exactly all by myself.”

Anyone who watched Obama’s post-shellacking press conference could see that most journalists are not only no longer on the Obama bandwagon – they have become positively hostile towards him. That is a refreshing change from the “slobbering love affair” we had to endure for the first few years.

The video is 22 minutes long – but worth listening in full. Attkisson has quite a story to tell…the government pushback to her investigations into Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the Regime’s surveillance of her computer are covered.

According to the former CBS reported, Senator Coburn sent a letter to Holder over a year ago asking questions about the government surveillance of journalists – specifically citing Attkisson’s case, but of course Holder hasn’t responded. She expressed hope that the new Republican majority in both houses will now wield more influence to do something about it.

“If the enforcer in the law is potentially  involved in breaking the law, and if the media isn’t going to hold their feet to the fire, who is really  going to be the one who does that?” Attkisson asked.

Levin noted that in the past – it didn’t matter what party you were in – if something like this was happening – there was a huge outcry  among the politicians and media. “None of these things are happening!” Levin exclaimed.

“We have slowly come to expect this infringement on our rights,” Attkisson lamented. “And the idea that we may be surveillance  and the government gets to call the shots and may withhold access to things we want if we don’t behave a certain way — I step back and look at it like an outsider and sometimes it seems so Russian.”


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