Democrat Responses To Gruber are Gruberrific (Video)

There are several ways  libs are handling “the endless flaming bags of sh*t being left on their doorstep by Gruber,” as Allahpundit so elegantly put it. Democrat officials, consultants, strategists and pollsters have been called upon to work their magic and the one thing all their excuses have in common is they all involve some degree of “gruberism” – i.e. lying to people they think are too stupid to know any better.

 One is the White House route, i.e. polite distancing despite the plain, painful fact that ol’ Grubes is only guilty of stating what all progressive mandarins believe.

The White House sought Wednesday to distance itself from Gruber and his comments.

“The Affordable Care Act was publicly debated over the course of 14 months, with dozens of Congressional hearings, and countless town halls, speeches, and debates,” White House spokeswoman Jessica Santillo said in a statement. “The tax credits in the law that help millions of middle class Americans afford coverage were no secret, and in fact were central to the legislation. Not only do we disagree with [Gruber’s] comments, they’re simply not true.”

Nancy Pelosi demonstrates her contempt for the American people by pretending that she’s never even heard of Jonathan Gruber. Other liberals like Angus King have run with this one, too.

Because we’re too damn stupid to remember four whole years ago, or dig up old videos like the one Fox News highlighted below.

Another gruberrific response is to pretend to be offended by Gruber’s serial dishonesty and smugness,  while simultaneously claiming that it’s commonplace to hide key provisions in bills and oh, by the way,  Republicans lie too – like when they say ‘ObamaCare is the takeover of 1/6 of the economy.'” (It is.)

As exemplified by Alan Colmes – with a big crisis management style mea culpa from Gruber at the beginning and a little Alinsky rule #4 thrown in for good measure, before Megyn (having none of it) cut him off:  “What happened to Christian forgiveness? Don’t we forgive people who make mist–” Oh shaddap.

If all else fails, there’s always liberal obfuscation. Bury Gruber’s (and by extension the Obama administration, Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media) offenses under a blizzard a liberal happy talk about how well the law is working and pretend everyone is too stupid to remember how it was passed four years ago. Gruberism at its finest as demonstrated by Dem pollster Bernard Whitman:

Yes, a 4th Gruber video came out today, and it is a bit of a disappointment because it doesn’t pack the same insulting,  Gruberistic punch as the last three.

But as Allapundit notes, “this video, although perhaps lacking the infuriating smugness and contempt exhibited by Gruber in other venues, might be more of a problem for Democrats.”

The architect of the bill isn’t just mocking stupidity and celebrating deceit and dishonesty in the process; he’s admitting that the bill itself is just an uncontrolled experiment. On Outnumbered, the panel discusses the strategies that Republicans can employ with Gruber in a discussion that took place prior to the emergence of this video. It’s time to get Gruber under oath and talk about his earlier admission that the bill intentionally prevented subsidies from being paid out of a federal exchange, as well as an explanation of his “spaghetti approach” and experimentation with tens of millions of people who already had the health insurance they wanted.


5 thoughts on “Democrat Responses To Gruber are Gruberrific (Video)

  1. We have also now learned from one of Gruber’s videos how they managed to keep Romney Care afloat. Turns out that the fat, degenerate “Dead Ted” managed to secure through some hokus pokus ruse a annual 400 million dollar federal subsidy that kept the program afloat. Where they literally took from Peter and gave to Paul. Guess that’s where they came up with the idea on obozoKare, stealing the money from Medicaid to the tune of 500 million dollars.

    Guess when they lost that is when Deval budgets were getting holes blown through them to the tune of billions of dollars and when the program fell out of favor with the residents.

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  2. If it is news to anyone that the only use of the common folk is to be raised as common laborers while those wealthy enough to afford private schools can go on to “higher” education, that/those anyone(s) haven’t been paying attention – for at least five or six decades.

    But it is refreshing that one of their own butt-chomping, sheep dip d**k-lickers has owned up to the prevalent attitude amongst the megalomaniac academia who truly believes us po’, dumb trash folk out here can’t get along without their guidance in every aspect of our po’ lives.

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  3. The only thing missing from that book title is “Health Care Reform for Idiots“.

    This incident has exposed dopey libs for what they really do believe when it comes to “anything”. It takes a village and we know what’s better for you, than you do. It’s a basic tenet of the entire philosophy. We’ve all known this for years, the “Grub” just confirmed it for all of us.

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  4. But as I’ve said so many times on my blog, (although they think all of us in the great unwashed lack their sophistication and knowledge, and require their expertise to help us get through life) – their greatest contempt and scorn is reserved for their own voters. I’ve been saying for years that Democrats have no respect for their own base with all the ridiculous lies and obnoxious narratives they spin. Gruber is really the living embodiment of that.


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