Obama To Announce Imperial Executive Action on Immigration in Prime Time Address Thursday


I think I speak for most American voters when I say, “another arrogant, dishonest, insulting, stupifying Obama speech? Cahhhn’t wait.”

This is from the CNN Newswire with some editorial fixes.

President Barack King Obama will unveil his long-awaited feared immigration amnesty plan Thursday evening, [unilaterally and illegally] changing rules governing deportations that could affect millions of undocumented illegal immigrants and setting off an explosive battle with Republicans everyone who respects our system of government.

And of course the “Uber-President” will punctuate his royal decree by celebrating in front of an adoring crowd of thankful young immigrants – and our hearts will melt – because his highness only has the best of intentions, you guys.

Obama’s prime-time address will be followed Friday by an event in Las Vegas.

While exact details of his announcement haven’t yet been made public, the basic outline of the plan, as relayed by people familiar with its planning, includes deferring deportation for the parents of U.S. citizens, a move that would affect up to 3.5 million people.

The Obama White House and their loyal toadies in the media have been prepping the public [or should I say “grubering” the public] by disseminating phony talking points designed to make Obama’s  gross abuse of power look as mundane as possible.

Obama himself has repeatedly mentioned that he is doing what he is legally allowed to do after conferring with (Eric Holders!) DOJ. But most mendacious is the claim that there is a precedent for what King Obama is doing because past Republican presidents Reagan and Bush I did it too.  Which is total malarkey, of course.

What is the difference between Reagan and Obama? Reagan’s action was in accordance with the law – the st  atute. The very law that he had signed after – say again after – it was passed by Congress. What President Obama is about to do is unilaterally write the law – as if he were writing or re-writing a statute – all by himself. As Judge Napolitano says:

When he suspends deportations, and when he imposes his own conditions on those suspensions, he’s effectively re-writing the law. And that violates his oath to enforce and uphold the law as it’s been written. The American people, the Congress and the courts need to know that we have a president who will enforce the law. When he says ‘I will not enforce the law because I don’t like it or I’m impatient’, that doesn’t wash under the Constitution.

The Judge goes on to say quite pointedly and specifically what is the Reagan/Obama difference:

Every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower has suspended some deportations. President Reagan did it to 100,000 families. He did it on the basis of the 1986 statute enacted by the Congress. President George H.W.Bush did it for 1.5 million people, only about 350,000 took advantage of it, and it was based on his interpretation of the statute. President Obama does not re-interpret a statute. He takes a statute and says ‘I’m going to disregard it. I’m going to give you a better one. I’m going to set down a set of standards that I would have written had I been the law maker.’ He’s not the law maker, he’s the law enforcer.’
What do you want to bet the Ferguson grand jury decision is announced tomorrow, too?
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