The Long Knives Are Coming Out For Rev. Al


By now you’ll have read (or heard about ) the NYTs piece on the good Reverend Al Sharpton:

Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.

And though he said in recent interviews that he was paying both down, his balance with the state, at least, has actually grown in recent years. His National Action Network appears to have been sustained for years by not paying federal payroll taxes on its employees.

With the tax liability outstanding, Mr. Sharpton traveled first class and collected a sizable salary, the kind of practice by nonprofit groups that the United States Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration recently characterized as “abusive,” or “potentially criminal” if the failure to turn over or collect taxes is willful.

Why now? According to the Times piece, Sharpton’s been flouting our tax laws (while living the high life) for many years. I’m guessing it’s not exactly a secret in liberal circles that the guy’s a corrupt shyster. It’s also not a secret that he’s become a bit of a laughingstock as host of his own show on MSNBC.

Is he becoming a liability to the progressive cause? Magic 8 Ball says….“Signs point to yes.”

Mediaite has an embarrassing clip from his press conference: Sharpton Disputes NY Times Report About His Taxes, Clashes with Reporter

The Daily Caller: Brit Hume calls Sharpton a ‘Crook,’ ‘Tax Cheat’

Washington Times: Al Sharpton’s ‘regularly sidestepped’ on debts — owes $4.5M back-taxes: report

Here’s today’s quiz: When I say “Al Sharpton,” what other name immediately comes to mind?

A. Bill de Blasio.

B. Barack Obama.

C. Tawana Brawley.

Tick-tock, time’s up. The correct answer is “all of the above,” which explains much of the current racial trouble in New York and America.

Sharpton, left to his own antics, is a public nuisance. It is a free country and he is entitled to his prejudices and polarizing activism. Sometimes he happens to be right and his megaphone occasionally brings attention to deserving cases that otherwise get none. America is big enough and strong enough to have space for people like him.

On the other hand, his personal conduct is often reprehensible, with his behavior in the Brawley hoax Exhibit A. And it’s not as if he’s cleaned up his act.

He remains a cop hater to the core, a race man who cannot see past skin color and whose business model is based on using a charge of racism as a negotiating tactic. The corporations buying his silence with their “contributions” ought to be boycotted.

He’s also a tax scofflaw who refuses to pay his fair share, thus ripping off fellow citizens, black and white.

2 thoughts on “The Long Knives Are Coming Out For Rev. Al

  1. When Al finally gets “knee capped” I’ll believe it. As someone who was born and raised in New York I have seen more knives thrown at this slime ball than I can count. It doesn’t matter, he always walks away unscathed and only seems to garner more power.

    Not paying taxes? Inciting riots? Causing race riots? Turned a FBI informant? A drug dealer? NAN is one of the biggest frauds ever started. You name it Al has been up to his neck for years in it. It was only about a month ago where all of these local New York politicians, national figures, religious people and the likes all gathered at a big swanky Manhattan hotel for Al’s birthday and proceeded to pass him check after check and pose for some pictures. It was covered in every New York paper the next day. At the very head of the line with a check, mugging for a photo op that night was Comrade DeBlasio who Al totally showed up and embarrassed at his commission hearing over the death of the gentleman selling cigarettes on the street.

    Rev. Al Sharpton throws star-studded 60th birthday bash at Manhattan hotel

    Rev. Al Sharpton gets $1M in birthday gifts to help bail out his nonprofit

    You don’t ever give a shyster and a hustler a inch, ’cause they’ll always come back a crap in your pocket. . . . just to make sure that you know they are still around. Al has made a career out of it and lately he has elevated it to a front row seat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Go figure!

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