Video: House Republicans To Emperor Obama: “Stop Acting Alone”

Some video push-back courtesy of the  House GOP, this morning:

See also, Byron York’s post at the Washington Examiner on the GOP’s strategy going forward: Government shutdown? GOP has a better strategy.

First, Republicans are contemplating answering President Obama’s expected unilateral immigration action in ways that do not involve a government shutdown. And second, in light of the midterm results, some in the GOP are recognizing the original shutdown did not end up having the political effects that were once predicted.

First, the GOP response to Obama’s anticipated order. The only thing Republicans will do in the lame duck session — that is, before they take control of the Senate, and keep control of the House, in January — is to make sure a short-term government funding bill is passed by the time the current one expires on Dec. 11.


One thought on “Video: House Republicans To Emperor Obama: “Stop Acting Alone”

  1. The sooner the republicans realize that nothing is going to stop this thug, the better off we all are going to be. The emperor has been smacked down numerous times by the Supreme Court, yet he continues. When the Congress because of a select few finally uses one of the tools the Constitution provides, the republicans went after the messenger {Ted Cruz}. While only 17% of the Gubermint was affected by the action. The only citizens that were affected by the shutdown were Children visiting the White House and Veterans who monuments were shut {both for spite by the regime}. In spite of themselves on while not running on nothing the republicans took control of the Senate and picked up seats in the House. So what do they do now? They dismiss that action out of hand in this case.

    The only reason the establishment republicans are offended is, that they haven’t gotten the opportunity to pass the same legislation that the thug in chief is promising to sign by fiat. They are partially responsible for the unlawful actions the thug in chief has been pulling off unilaterally by refusing to stop or check him. Down deep they are elated that this issue will be taken off the table before the ’16 election cycle.

    Don’t expect anything of substance being done by the weasel republics anytime soon. They are, after all afraid of their own shadow. Who didn’t see this one coming/?


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