US Official: Hagel Was Fired – It Was Not a “Mutual Decision” (Video)

Officials in the Obama administration are now saying what conservatives said the minute he was nominated, Chuck Hagel was not up for the job of Sec. of Defense. After nearly two years, the White House has lost confidence in Hagel, who reportedly was “disengaged in his morning briefings.”

Jennifer Griffin reporting for Fox News said a US official told her, “make no mistake, Secretary Hagel was fired” despite the official message coming from the Pentagon, which is that it was a “mutual decision.” Griffin reported that Obama had “lost confidence in Hagel and that the White House had been planning his exit for weeks.”

Brit Hume speculated that Hagel was cut loose over disagreements over how to deal with ISIS – specifically over ground troops.

He surmises that Obama will be on the lookout for someone who will be more agreeable to what he wants to do. The problem is, if Obama pick someone who is strong and well qualified for the job, that person won’t be agreeable with what he wants to do.

According to Zeke Miller of Time,  administration officials say the three contenders at the top of the short-list to replace Hagel are Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed, and former DOD officials Michele Flournoy and Ashton Carter.


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3 thoughts on “US Official: Hagel Was Fired – It Was Not a “Mutual Decision” (Video)

  1. I’ve been questioning for months now, if Hagel and Dempsey were going rouge. The two of them have openly stated positions that were opposite of the regime. Hagel has never been known as a hawk during his entire career. Both he and Dempsey seems to have concluded that this operation is a total charade going after ISIS and have pretty much said that a different strategy was needed.

    Just last week they both did it again in a news conference. Then the regime announced that they were extending the Troops in Afghanistan for a year. If we were to believe {as the regime would have us believe} that Hagel was fired {which is a distinct possibility} why isn’t Dempsey being shown the door also? They both participated in making statements openly opposite of the regime for fighting ISIS. Giving their ongoing “purge” of the Military, that has been going on for years, it seems to me Dempsey’s head would also be rolling along with Hagel’s.

    Watch for the glass ceiling to come tumbling down at the Pentagon. These dopes badly need a lifeline since everything else is coming apart at the seems. . . .thread by thread. It’s time to change the narrative.

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