MO Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Wonders If Obama Had Something To Do With Natl Guard Not Being Mobilized In Ferguson (Updated)

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called a state of emergency, last week, and announced that he was mobilizing the National Guard in preparation for the expected chaos in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury verdict, so where were they last night while Ferguson was burning?

Guard members were reportedly in place last night at key locations in St. Louis when the grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darrell Wilson was announced. But for some reason, none were at the flash point, where you would think, most of the attention would  have been focused.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told FOX 2 late  Monday night that he had repeatedly pleaded with the Governor’s office to deploy the  the National Guard in his town, but his requests were “completely ignored.”

On Fox News’, America’s NewsroomKinder asked, “did the Obama administration lean on Governor Nixon to ignore pleas from Ferguson Mayor to send in National Guard?”

Via Gateway Pundit: 

“He (Governor Nixon) declared a State of Emergency almost a week ago and mobilized the National Guard. Then they were kept away at the crucial time while Ferguson burned…

We know they were kept away because they did not come in and stop that from the get-go. They were deployed in other parts of the St. Louis region… Why were they not in there at the first sign of an overturned police car or a smashed police car window with a show of force that would have stopped this?

Here’s my question that the governor must answer – Is the reason that the National Guard was not in there because the Obama Administration and the Holder Justice Department leaned on you to keep them out? I cannot imagine any other reason why the governor who mobilized the National Guard would not have them in there to stop this.”

It’s absolutely chilling that such a question is being asked.


Via White House Dossier: Did Holder Cause the National Guard to be Kept From Ferguson?

Indeed, there were reports Holder was not happy with Nixon’s efforts to display force and use the National Guard. From an article Friday in the Washington Post:

Holder also expressed concerns privately about Gov. Jay Nixon’s decision this week to declare a state of emergency at a news conference and activate the National Guard . . .

A top aide to Holder called the governor’s office earlier this week to express Holder’s displeasure and “frustration,” according to a Justice Department official.

“Instead of de-escalating the situation, the governor escalated it,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the subject. “He sent the wrong message. The tone of the press conference was counterproductive.”


Kinder was also on the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly Tuesday night:


From The Conversation: 

Note To Media: Stop Calling What Happened In Ferguson Last Night, ‘Protests’

Another note to media: be more skeptical of incendiary claims

Wanted: a government that sides with the law-abiding

Ezra Klein Can’t Believe Officer Wilson’s Story Even Though Mike Brown’s Friend Agrees it Happened


3 thoughts on “MO Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Wonders If Obama Had Something To Do With Natl Guard Not Being Mobilized In Ferguson (Updated)

  1. Going back to the original incident, Governor Nixon has proven time after time that he’s a idiot. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse his news conference yesterday he out done himself once again. At his drive by news conference today he claimed that more than 700 Guardsman were deployed at “critical locations”. Then quickly ran from behind the podium after only taking a couple of questions.

    The riots all took place within a couple of square miles within Ferguson. So where the hell were the Guardsman deployed? The area was saturated with Newsmen and Cameras, if any were spotted surely we would’ve had pictures of them. I only recall hearing one account of someone seeing Guardsman in a Charter Bus.

    I’m sure this will be included in Holder’s comprehensive investigation and the Governor will answer all the questions, so the matter can be laid to rest. Those answers will immediately follow the indictment of Officer Wilson on Civil Rights Violations of Lil Mikey Brown, by Holder’s inJustice Department. .

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  2. OK, so both Mr. My People and the Guvner wanted to throw buckets on the fire in Ferguson.

    Mr. My People’s was full of gasoline.

    Nixon’s was empty.

    How fitting, especially when one remembers back when the IM (idiot media) was chortling how Zero was going to bring us all together, and get this nation past the racial divide that still exists (at least in the minds of people who profit from such, such as Mr. My People, Rahbo, Zero, Big Al, The Chi-town shyster Rev, etc., etc., etc.

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