Sessions: Congress Should Block Funds For Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Hiring Spree (Video)

For the past couple of years, Senator Jeff Sessions has been perhaps the most effective opponent of amnesty in Congress, and now the soon to be Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee is trying to rally Congress to fight the Regime on Emperor Obama’s executive amnesty.

Reminding Republicans that they they were elected to stop Obama’s lawless agenda on the Senate floor, today, he said Congress is not hopeless and helpless in stopping it.

[Congress] has a responsibility to ensure that this President spends no money to execute policies that are in violation of existing law…

Are we serving [Americans’] interests or are we listening to special interests, political groups and activist groups, politicians who think they gain political advantage and certain businesses who want more cheaper labor? Don’t we represent the vast majority of the people? Isn’t there a national interest, an interest of the American people? Somebody needs to defend that interest. It’s been lost in this process.”


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