Video: Project Veritas Exposes Holder’s Civil Rights Division’s Record of “Grotesque” Misconduct

Project Veritas Action today released a video exposing the “grotesque” prosecutorial misconduct of the U.S. Department of Justice and their Civil Rights Division following James O’Keefe’s arrest five years ago for conducting a sting operation in Mary Landrieu’s office in New Orleans.

O’Keefe says, “they threw the book at me despite no crime being committed . . . not even intent.”

The prosecutors in the case, with close ties to Sen. Landrieu, were later found to have committed prosecutorial misconduct in other cases by publishing anonymous online commentary about federal probe targets.

Two of my prosecutors, Jan Mann, a classmate of Mary Landrieu, and Sal Perricone were both barred from practicing in federal court in Baton Rouge due to their conduct.

Former U.S. Attorney, Jim Letten, resigned in the scandal. He was the longest serving U.S. Attorney in the nation. Letten had recused himself in my case, however, as you’ll see in the video released today, he also had a chance to literally, throw the book at me.

As it turns out, Project Veritas Action investigators uncovered two weeks ago that these same prosecutors had been posting anonymous online commentary in my own case!

Today, I’ll be filing several complaints, you can see them here, BUT, this isn’t about me.

Right now, our nation is being torn across racial lines due to the cases of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York.

Eric Holder has announced investigations by the Civil Rights Division in both of those cases.

Regardless of your thoughts on those cases, we’re announcing today that the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division should recuse itself from investigating those cases.

A veteran attorney in the Civil Rights Division, Karla Dobinski, was yet ANOTHER attorney who had committed “grotesque” prosecutorial misconduct that led to convictions of law enforcement officers.

Get this, Dobinski, was the leader of the “Taint Team” a component of the Civil Rights Division that was tasked polluting the public atmosphere on their active cases against cops.

She’s now part of the team investigating Ferguson and New York.


The same division, and even the attorney involved in past misconduct, is now investigating the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

O’Keefe also shared via email a disturbing vignette about being harassed by the TSA, last night.

But thanks to the fun folks at the TSA at JFK International, I spent 45 minutes officially detained as they searched my bags and “interviewed” me. When I asked to call family to let them know I would be late, I was told to put my phone down and an agent barked, “you’re under our control now.”

Even better, when they asked what I do for a living, I explained I was a journalist that investigates government corruption. They actually laughed at me.

I know I’m not alone in my experience with the TSA, but it really sets the tone for what I’m releasing today. Power . . . corruption . . . arrogance.

I’ve driven from Kansas City to Florida to avoid the hassle and imposition of the TSA screening process because under the Obama administration’s direction, conservative activists can expect to be groped and even detained, even while screening for actual terrorists has been relaxed.

Counting the days until this abominable Regime is out of power.


3 thoughts on “Video: Project Veritas Exposes Holder’s Civil Rights Division’s Record of “Grotesque” Misconduct

  1. “Counting the days until this abominable Regime is out of power.”

    How many days can you count? Can you count enough days to displace the bureaucrats and other unionized government employees? Can anyone?

    The 540 elected mandarins are terrible, but they pose a smaller threat to us than the “permanent government:” the millions of unelected “civil servants” who are our most direct oppressors.

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  2. Power and arrogance can define many groups, entities and individuals, but this entire administration is defined by the rampant, unapologized-for corruption that has made world-wide enemies of former friends and the nation’s social climate a pile of pig poop accentuated to be as divisive as possible.

    How does one spell “corruption” in today’s language? Start with “Emperor” Obama, go then to Mr. My People, then Valerie Jarrett, then from there to every person in this administration, then to the vast majority of little league bureaucraps that design their days around ruining citizens’ lives.

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