Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama’s Black Privilege

Bill Whittle, Truth Revolt: Obama’s Black Skin Privilege

 TPNN: Conservative Civil Rights Leader: Police Are Not the Problem for Blacks; Black-on-Black Crime is

Wanna take a trip to bizarro land?

Watch Calypso Louie Issue a Threat of Violence to America:

This video is entitled Ferguson Bosnian Death Warning!

A YouTube video flagged by Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit features a delusional black woman named Mary Omni ranting  incoherently about Bosnians and suggesting that they deserve to die.

“Ferguson, Bosnian death immigrant warning is this. You are on these black young men 14th birthrights and land rights. If there’s an accident that occurs you are considered the invader and embezzler thief. You came to build a dream on the 14th Constitutional nation of supremacy. Fourteenth biblical inheritors… The Bosnian immigrant was invading. The Bosnian immigrant was joining globalists and they came to America for the American dream at the expense of black infant babies. At the expense of the Mike Brown. At the expense of the black housing. At the expense of the black’s education… The immigrant Bosnian is seen as a foreign invader and a thief.”

She defended those who attacked with hammers on Sunday, declaring that they had “the contract – the Bosnian don’t have the contract to be here.”

Then, chillingly, she recited the lyrics to the classic folk song, “If I has a Hammer.”

“If I had a hammer, I hammer in the morning, I hammer in the evening, I hammer out all over this land. I’ll hammer out danger, I hammer out warning, I hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land. So if I had a hammer, I’ll hammer in the morning, I’ll hammer in the evening, I hammer out justice, I’ll hammer out danger and I’ll hammer out warning. I’ll hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters, all over this land.”

She called the Bosnian who was murdered, a casualty of his invasion and thieving and suggested that the murderers were blameless.

The woman is on bath salts or something.  Read the comments below the video at Youtube. OMG.
A 26-year-old white Bosnian woman was dragged out of her car early this morning and beaten by three black assailants in the same South St. Louis neighborhood that saw a Bosnian man bludgeoned to death with hammers earlier this week.

Police are investigating the attack as a possible hate crime because the victim says the suspects asked her if she was Bosnian during the attack.

Via St. Louis CBS Local:

According to a police report, at about 5:30 a.m., a Bosnian woman was driving on the 4600 block of Lansdowne when three black males in their late-teens to early-20s stepped in front of her vehicle.

When the woman tried to drive around them, the suspects reportedly pulled out a firearm, so she stopped the car.

After hitting her windshield with a crowbar, the suspects pulled the woman from her car, threw her on the ground and kicked her.

A suspect grabbed her purse, searched it, and told the others it was empty. All three suspects then fled the scene.

Police say the woman said she thought the crime was racially motivated because the suspects asked her if she was Bosnian.

MRC TV: College Students Hold ‘Die-In’ for Michael Brown, Complain of ‘Sensationalism of the Protests’

The Daily  Rushbo: RUSH: Body Cameras On Politicians:

This made me laugh on Friday when I heard it.

Neil Cavuto, Fox News: The Push Is On, Or Is It The Con On! 

The Hayride: Mary Landrieu’s Radio Meltdown On Jeff Crouere’s Show Today:

This is…we don’t have the words. We’ll just say it’s a rather rambling, desperate, ill-advised, delusional anddisqualifying performance, and particularly with respect to Landrieu’s deciding vote in favor of Obamacare.

It sounds like somebody told Landrieu she had to win a debate with Crouere to gain traction at the last minute. So they sent her onto Crouere’s show to start a fight…and then she failed to win it.

Here’s a link to the whole 11 minutes and 19 seconds of the appearance, which comes off a bit like a drunken harangue until she hangs up on Crouere.

Rebel Pundit: Landrieu Operative Slanders James O’Keefe, Then Runs When She Sees Him:

You may remember Kirstin Alvanitakis, who assaulted me in the video that RebelPundit broke earlier this week; she’s the Communications Director of the Louisiana Democrat Party. You also may recall she’s a little obsessed with muckraking video journalist James O’Keefe, and declared on camera that James O’keefe “illegally wiretapped a Senate office (of Senator Mary Landrieu).” Anything to distract from Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu’s disastrous runoff campaign, which Landrieu seems poised to lose this Saturday.

Illegally wiretapping a U.S. Senator’s office, or anyone’s office for that matter, is a felony, however James O’Keefe never illegally wiretapped any senate office, so today he confronted Alvanitakis, and gave her a chance to retract her comments.

While Alvanitakis was confident in her remarks while on camera with me, the look on her face was priceless when James O’Keefe paid her a visit.

PJ Media, Afterburner w/ Bill Whittle — Lights Out! How We Could Lose Everything:

Ice Hotel Guided Tour – Hotel de Glace Quebec City Canada:

For people who like to be cold.

This is the Ice Hotel of Duchesnay, outside Quebec City in Canada. It is entirely made of snow and ice. With 36 rooms, 2 bars, a chapel, a giant igloo and a super cool slide, it’s by far the coolest hotel in the world!

Two fun videos courtesy of AoSHQ:

Lindsey Stirling – Dragon Age:

Dog Fetch Fails:


5 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama’s Black Privilege

  1. That Ferguson Bosnian screed by “Mary quite contrary” was something else. Somewhere that ambient temperature commie bastid Petey Seeger has got to be smiling thinking. . . . .mission accomplished! Of course Trini Lopez is hiding his head where ever he is, asking for a do over. Mary sounded almost exactly like Calypso Louie who recently resurfaced and graced us with one of his rants.

    I’d just wish these people would be a little more consistent with their message. . . . you know like the “Pimp Bros”, the Rev al & jessa jackass.

    BTW the Rev al, was told to take a hike by the family, for the funeral services today for the Brooklyn man who got shot by a rookie NYPD Cop.

    Finally some Justice and some Peace!

    New York Post:
    NYPD shooting victim’s family: Stay away, Sharpton!


  2. That’s awesome. That case is truly troubling and the family may have a legitimate grievance, but they’re rejecting the race-baiting grievance-monger sharpton.


  3. How GREAT is Niger Innis on this? That’s the most sense I’ve heard on CNN for quite some time.

    I’m sorry if it’s not the party line, but a hell of a lot of good could be done if conservatives started to build a bridge to his particular insight. It is far better that conservative men begin to impart their discipline and/or wisdom directly to young urban black men then to allow a mentorship by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Farrakhan to go forward unchallenged. This is a gap there which has been taken advantage of by these vultures. More can be done to close it.

    Liked by 1 person

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