Black New Yorker Has Had It Up To Here With the Race-Baiting BS – Scorches “White, Liberal Hippie Kids” Protesting the Deaths of “Criminals”

After another weekend of community organized arson, race-riots and loot-fests throughout the nation, I was sitting here at my computer trying to figure out what more can be said about the ongoing lunacy that I haven’t already said. There were riots, arson, and looting in Berkeley (where the morons actually torched the MLK building), and NYC (where “protester kits” are being provided for the special snow-flake protesters.”)

A massive fire that 250 firefighters battled in in Los Angeles, this morning, destroyed an apartment building under construction and damaged two adjacent structures. Arson is suspected.

In a call to the Opie and Anthony Show, last week, a black New Yorker expressed his deep disgust for what’s going on in this country in an epic rant for the ages.

“Ed from Queens” claimed to be bigger than Eric Garner, and noted that he himself has been stopped by the police for various traffic offenses (which he admitted he was guilty of committing) “several dozen times”,  and explained in Chris Rock-like fashion that nothing bad happened to him because he was respectful toward the police.

Via The Blaze: 

Ed angrily bashed “white, liberal hippie kids” who are protesting the deaths of “criminals” and also alleged there’s a racial double standard when it comes to officers killing “white kids.”

“What bothers me more than anything, as a black male, is being represented by pieces of s**t like Al Sharpton, and having white liberal hippie kids trying to shout, ‘black lives matter.’ But the thing about is, they are completely glossing over the fact that these people are criminals,” the caller said.

He continued: “And they never, ever talk about all the white cops that are shooting white kids. Have you even heard of Christopher Roupe?”

Roupe, 17, was fatally shot by a female officer after she mistook the Wii remote in his hand for a firearm. A grand jury later determined that the officer did not use authorized force when she shot the teen.

This man speaks for majority of Americans who are watching this racialist garbage at home, and shaking their heads sadly, (or fuming and swearing up a storm like the caller.)

Listener advisory: Strong language and F-bombs galore. Very cathartic.

Thanks to Ed from Queens for relieving me of the burden of having to address this bullcrap. today.


Jack Cashill, The American Thinker: Sgt. Kizzy Adoni, Meet Sgt. Stacey Koon:

The video shows the massive Garner loudly telling two undercover officers that he does not want to be arrested for selling black market cigarettes. Garner, 43, had been arrested more than thirty times previously on charges including assault and resisting arrest. He had also been arrested several times previously for selling unlicensed cigarettes and was out on bail when arrested.

Knowing this, the officers appear to fence with Garner while they wait for back-up to arrive. They are also well aware that an unfriendly witness is shooting video. Given the edits in the video, it is impossible to tell how long they waited, but it was at least a few minutes. Finally, Pantaleo, an eight-year veteran, attempts to grab Garner’s arm to handcuff him, and Garner throws him off. “Don’t touch me,” he shouts.

At this point, Pantaleo, who is about a half a foot shorter and 200 pounds lighter than Garner, leaps up and puts Garner in a headlock. According to Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch, Pantaleo did “nothing more than take Mr. Garner into custody as instructed.” He did so using “the take-down technique that he learned in the academy.” The classic chokehold, the kind featured in the Spike Lee movie Do the Right Thing, is intended to cause a struggling perp to lose consciousness.

Pantaleo’s goal is to take Garner down, which he does with some success. He keeps him in that hold for about fifteen seconds. Had Garner not health problems — obesity, advanced diabetes, heart disease and asthma — he likely would not have been hurt.  There were 228,000 misdemeanor arrests in New York City in 2013. No others ended in this fashion.

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Hat tip: Brian B.

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