Benghazi Select Committee Hearing: Trey Gowdy’s Opening Statement + Questions

In his opening statement, the head of a special House committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) promised to keep asking questions until he gets answers.

In reference to the false CIA talking points, he said, “it’s one thing to have it wrong initially and eventually make it right, it’s another thing to have it right initially and then edit it and change it to make it wrong.”

“I don’t think we should move on until there is a complete understanding how the (poor) security environment described by our own government in court documents was allowed to exist,” Gowdy said.

“I don’t think we should move on until — we were told special precautions had been taken prior to the anniversary of 9/11 – what precautions were taken? Where? By whom. Why were we told the Benghazi facility was secure? Why were we told there was a strong security presence in Benghazi when we no that was not true and it was not true when it was said.”

He asked why the Government’s story on the Benghazi attack has changed so much since the initial days and weeks after the attack.

“We may answer some [questions] more than once,” Gowdy concluded.  “I would rather answer a question twice than risk not answering it at all. That would seem a rather small investment.”

Roskam Presses State Dept. on Diplomatic Security at Benghazi Hearing:

Trey Gowdy questioned Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic SecurityGregory B. Starr:



Amid Rumors Obama Mulling Sanctions Against Israel, Congress Unites to Denounce Hamas and Support Israel

Yesterday, the Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution supporting Israel and denouncing Hamas. The timing of the move suggests it’s a reaction to rumors that the Obama administration is considering sanctions against Israel over their settlements in Jerusalem.

The Cruz-Gillibrand-Manchin Resolution supports Israel’s right to defend itself and condemns the use of human shields in Gaza.


WASHINGTON, DC – A resolution co-sponsored by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-New York, and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia unanimously passed the Senate yesterday to condemn the use of civilians as human shields by the terrorist group, Hamas.

“The Senate has sent a united signal that we denounce Hamas’ barbaric tactics and unequivocally support Israel’s right to self-defense,” said Sen. Cruz. “Even though Republicans and Democrats may be divided on many issues, there should be no daylight between us when it comes to standing up to radical Islamic terrorists including Hamas. I hope the international community will join America in condemning their deplorable use of human shields, which is a war crime. I thank my colleagues for their affirmation of our unshakable bond with the nation of Israel. We look forward to the passage of this resolution in the House or Representatives, where it has been led by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Florida and Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Florida and has 102 co-sponsors.”

Sen. Cruz’s resolution:

  • Strongly condemns the use of innocent civilians as human shields;

  • Calls on the international community to recognize and condemn Hamas’ use of human shields;

  • Places responsibility for the rocket attacks against Israel on Hamas and other terrorist organizations, such as Palestine Islamic Jihad;

  • Supports the sovereign right of the Government of Israel to defend its territory and its citizens from Hamas’ rocket attacks, kidnapping attempts and the use of tunnels and other means to carry out attacks against Israel;

  • Expresses condolences to the families of the innocent victims on both sides of the conflict;

  • Supports Palestinian civilians who reject Hamas and all forms of terrorism and violence, desiring to live in peace with their Israeli neighbors;

  • Supports efforts to demilitarize the Gaza Strip, removing Hamas’ means to target Israel, including its use of tunnels, rockets, and other means; and

  • Condemns the United Nations Human Rights Council’s biased resolution establishing a commission of inquiry into Israel’s Gaza operations.

Last week White House mouthpiece didn’t deny that sanctions against Israel were on the table.

But on Monday, Earnest’s tune had completely changed.

 Obama administration officials on Monday denied reports that the U.S. was weighing sanctions on Israel over settlement expansions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, dismissing such speculation as “completely unfounded and without merit.”

“Reports that [we] might be contemplating sanctions against Israel are completely unfounded and without merit,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday.

Still, Earnest suggested that Israeli and administration officials had a recent conversation about the issue and acknowledged that “settlement activity” continues to be a matter of disagreement.

As if it’s Obama’s business where Israelis build their settlements.

This video, highlighting Obama’s hostility toward the Jewish State was produced in 2011 by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Things have only gotten worse since then.

Watcher’s Council Nominations – ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ Edition


Princess on the steeple and all the pretty people
They’re drinkin’, thinkin’ that they got it made
Exchanging all precious gifts
But you’d better take your diamond ring, you’d better pawn it babe
You used to be so amused
At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used
Go to him now, he calls you, you can’t refuse
When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose
You’re invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.

So how does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone ?

Res ipsa morals, no character, no truth.

(Poster by Sabo. Go buy his stuff)

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Obama: ‘When We Make Mistakes, We Admit Them’

Barack Obama

Remember how I said, last week that “we’ve reached a point in Obama’s presidency where he really seems to enjoy mortifying average Americans”?

He’s basically trolling us now with outlandish executive actions – (knowing Republicans are too timid to do anything about them), race-baiting,  and telling increasingly ridiculous whoppers that he knows no one believes but his most loyal drones.

With that in mind — this happened Tuesday evening:

Obama, responding to the Democrat Senate report on CIA enhanced interrogations:

“When we make mistakes, we admit them.” said Obama.


By “we,” President Smidgen, of course, was referring to “the previous administration.”

Obama doesn’t make mistakes.

He only uses the first person singular when exalting himself . The One uses “I” me and myself  profusely when taking credit for something, as in – “I” got Osama Bin Laden.

But he always uses the royal “we” when talking about failures, or controversies that can be blamed on someone else. So when he’s talking about the nation’s past sins, and arrogance (as he likes to remind us) – he uses “we.”

If a failure reaches horrific levels of  FUBAR – as is happening in Iraq because he pulled the troops out too early – the royal “he” is used. Even though he announced he was doing it (going against the advice of his military commanders), and bragged about “ending the War in Iraq” for over two years – it was Maliki’s fault we didn’t have a Status of Forces agreement. “He” did it.

Yep. This SCOAMF of a president sure likes to admit mistakes.

Tampa was limited by the 130 characters – but you get the idea.

I have a dream….that we’ll someday reach a point as a nation where even the drones can’t take his bullshit any longer.  Obama will give a speech, and people will cut off his mic so no one has to hear him anymore. And it will be the nation’s secret. SHHHH. Don’t tell him, you guys. Just let him drone on and on, in sotto voce at times so he can display his  magnanimous empathy for us “folks.” Dare to imagine. That mad scramble for the remote to push the mute button or change the channel will be a thing of the past.

He can still have his beloved court photographer take pictures of him everywhere he goes, but no one else will want to. They’ll have to pay SEIU members 20 dollars each and a boxed lunch to fill the seats so they can pretend to listen to  his permanent campaign speeches. And what wonders will the gifted orator grace us with? Another race speech? $10 an hour minimum wage?  Amnesty? Climate change fear-mongering? ObamaCare….?.  Doesn’t matter – we turned his damn mic off.

Good job, Obama. Now go away, and let the grown-ups take over and try to reverse the damage.

The Child Martyrs of Iraq (Video)

ISIS monsters have beheaded four Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam, according to a British vicar who fled the country to Israel at the behest of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Canon Andrew White, aka the ‘vicar of Baghdad’, is a broken man. In a recent appearance on CBN, his face was contorted in pain and sorrow flowed out of every pore as he discussed the plight of the desperate Christians being hunted and massacred by the ISIS Mutants.

White spoke of how ISIS  “hounded” Christians out of Iraq, killing them in huge numbers. “They chopped their children in half, they chopped their heads off, and they moved north and it was so terrible what happened,” he trembled.

He related a story of how ISIS “came to one of our people the other day, one of the Christians”.

“They said to one man, an adult, ‘Either you say the words of conversion to Islam or we kill all your children’.

“He was desperate, he said the words. And then he phoned me, and said, ‘Abouna [Father], I said the words, does that mean that Yeshua doesn’t’ love me anymore?’ I said, ‘Yeshua still loves you, he will always love you”.

In a horrifying incident a few days later, ISIS showed up again and and demanded that four children under 15 convert to Islam, but the brave children refused.

According to White, ISIS said, ‘You say the words that you will follow Mohammed’.

But the children said “no, we love Yeshua, we have always loved, we have always followed Yeshua, Yeshua has always been with us.”

ISIS insisted that they say the words, but the children steadfastly refused.

“They chopped all their heads off. How do you respond to that? You just cry,” the heartbroken Vicar said.

But Canon White surely knows that the martyred children are now in the bosom of their beloved Yeshua.

The early Christian martyrs have nothing on these modern young saints.

Canon White said that most of his staff are still in the north of Iraq trying to look after beleaguered and displaced Christians.

Back in August when a lot of the atrocities against the Christians in Northern Iraq were happening, an Iraqi TV host broke down in tears, talking about the crisis.

Also in August, hundreds of Iranian Assyrians protested the brutal killings of Christians and other religious groups in Iraq by the ISIS Mutants in front of the UN building in Tehran, demanding justice and global attention to the plight of Assyrians in Iraq.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit