Obama: ‘When We Make Mistakes, We Admit Them’

Barack Obama

Remember how I said, last week that “we’ve reached a point in Obama’s presidency where he really seems to enjoy mortifying average Americans”?

He’s basically trolling us now with outlandish executive actions – (knowing Republicans are too timid to do anything about them), race-baiting,  and telling increasingly ridiculous whoppers that he knows no one believes but his most loyal drones.

With that in mind — this happened Tuesday evening:

Obama, responding to the Democrat Senate report on CIA enhanced interrogations:

“When we make mistakes, we admit them.” said Obama.


By “we,” President Smidgen, of course, was referring to “the previous administration.”

Obama doesn’t make mistakes.

He only uses the first person singular when exalting himself . The One uses “I” me and myself  profusely when taking credit for something, as in – “I” got Osama Bin Laden.

But he always uses the royal “we” when talking about failures, or controversies that can be blamed on someone else. So when he’s talking about the nation’s past sins, and arrogance (as he likes to remind us) – he uses “we.”

If a failure reaches horrific levels of  FUBAR – as is happening in Iraq because he pulled the troops out too early – the royal “he” is used. Even though he announced he was doing it (going against the advice of his military commanders), and bragged about “ending the War in Iraq” for over two years – it was Maliki’s fault we didn’t have a Status of Forces agreement. “He” did it.

Yep. This SCOAMF of a president sure likes to admit mistakes.

Tampa was limited by the 130 characters – but you get the idea.

I have a dream….that we’ll someday reach a point as a nation where even the drones can’t take his bullshit any longer.  Obama will give a speech, and people will cut off his mic so no one has to hear him anymore. And it will be the nation’s secret. SHHHH. Don’t tell him, you guys. Just let him drone on and on, in sotto voce at times so he can display his  magnanimous empathy for us “folks.” Dare to imagine. That mad scramble for the remote to push the mute button or change the channel will be a thing of the past.

He can still have his beloved court photographer take pictures of him everywhere he goes, but no one else will want to. They’ll have to pay SEIU members 20 dollars each and a boxed lunch to fill the seats so they can pretend to listen to  his permanent campaign speeches. And what wonders will the gifted orator grace us with? Another race speech? $10 an hour minimum wage?  Amnesty? Climate change fear-mongering? ObamaCare….?.  Doesn’t matter – we turned his damn mic off.

Good job, Obama. Now go away, and let the grown-ups take over and try to reverse the damage.


3 thoughts on “Obama: ‘When We Make Mistakes, We Admit Them’

  1. The only “mistake” Obama has ever “admitted” was “not explaining ourselves well enough” to the electorate. That resulted in two mid-term shellackings and the requirement that he secure his re-election by vote fraud.

    It is sobering to reflect that, as weak as Romney’s presidential campaign was, he would have won had several states’ electoral systems not been suborned by rampant Democrat chicanery.


  2. As far as I can tell, Obama never admitted a mistake. The country’s mistake is electing him, not once but twice and not removing him from office for treasonous crimes. The one that bothers me most is his funding/donating weapons to our enemies. The second election was not a honest with the IRS locking up conservative money and democratic strongholds cheating.


  3. Silly wabbitt. . . .
    The ob Rule:
    “We”. . . .as in the collective. Not as in “I” or “Me” or “Meme” {‘cept when it’s convenient }


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