#IllRideWithYou – Liberal Preening In the Wake of Islamic Terror Events

It’s become the expected thing for liberals to engage in the same ritualistic dance every time an Islamic terrorist somewhere in the non-Muslim world engages in terroristic mayhem.

There’s an overwhelming desire among many to preemptively declare Muslims victims and apologize for any anti-Muslim feelings other people might have: Inspired by Sydney siege, #IllRideWithYou trends worldwide.

The New Yorker reports that a Sydney television reporter proposed the #illridewithyou hashtag after a woman tweeted about seeing another woman removing her hijab on a train, “presumably out of fear” of backlash against Muslims following the hostage crisis. “Put it back on. I’ll walk with you,” she reportedly told the woman, “inspiring a mini-movement in Sydney’s public-transportation system and reflections on who Australians might want to be now that the siege is over.”

Well, that’s lovely and I’m sure everyone is impressed. But there’s been no backlash, so what sparked the worldwide trend?

In the Muslim world, violent terrorist attacks are so expected, civilized people don’t even comment on them, anymore – even as Islamists threaten to extinguish entire races off the face of the earth. Who needs the Yazidis anyway? No one ever heard of them before ISIS started killing them off, am I right?  As for the Christian slaughters in Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria – fellow Christians in the Western world can barely be bothered. Okay, so they’re crucifying and beheading even children.  We only have so much room in our hearts for moral outrage and there are much more pressing matters here at home – like the possibility that someone might try blame a great religion for what a few bad apples did/are doing in its name.

When a violent Islamist holds innocent people hostage in a cafe in Sydney, Australia, and the 16 hour stand-off results in two hostages and the Islamist dead, liberals feel compelled to re-avow their support and admiration for Muslims, and point fingers accusingly at those who might awkwardly suggest that maybe there’s something about their religion – perhaps found in their sacred texts –  that inspires these violent outbursts.

These are very brave – very noble people who want you to be inspired by their near supernatural displays of tolerance on Twitter.

One conservative wondered how the far these libs would be willing to go to prove their tolerance.


Another one made the excellent point that in some Muslim countries a woman does not have the freedom to take off her hijab in public.

But those are faraway countries and that’s none of our business. Like the mass exterminations of Yazidis and Christians.

Here in America, the left always display their admirable tolerance – except when they don’t.

Iowahawk responded to the liberal tolerance brigades as only Iowahawk can.

Andrew Klavan addressed this liberal phenomenon a few years ago in a classic Klavan on the Culture.



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