Video: James O’Keefe Interviews Man Behind The Gruber Videos

Conservative muckraker, James O’Keefe tracked down “Rich,” the citizen investigator who uncovered so many of the Gruber videos that have laid bare for all to see the dishonest underpinnings of the ObamaCare law.

Via Project Veritas:

During the interview, “Rich” stated that there was intentional mislabeling in the Affordable Care Act in order to hide a secret agenda in the bill: A two-hundred-and-fifty billion dollar per year tax grab.

“President Obama promised us the most transparent administration in history,” said Project Veritas President James O’Keefe. “Rich has opened a new debate about an effect of the Affordable Care Act which will impact over one hundred and fifty million Americans. We deserve to know if part of the Obamacare plan was intended to eliminate the two hundred and fifty billion dollar yearly tax break. If this is the case, we also deserve to why this information was kept from the public by the White House.”

Thanks to “Rich,” the word “Gruber” has become synonymous with “political lie” and wil henceforth be used to expose political lies whenever they’re told.

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