Obama Spouted Communist Propaganda In Cuba Speech


Rumor has it that since the 2014 midterm shellacking, Obama’s felt “liberated” and “ready to be the president he’s always wanted to be.”  It should not be surprising, then, that the rhetoric of the already far left president has swerved even further to the left into Communist territory.

In his speech announcing the normalization of relations with Cuba, earlier this week, he repeated Commie propaganda about “American imperialism” oppressing the Cuban people.

Addressing the Cuban people directly, he said: “Some of you have looked to us as a source for hope, and we will continue to shine a light of freedom. Others have seen us a a former colonizer, intent on controlling your future…..Today I’m being honest with you – we can never erase the history between us but we believe that you should be empowered to live in dignity, and self-determination.”

Hannity had Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Wednesday night, to discuss Obama’s speech. Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, has been all over the news lambasting the president’s latest unilateral move to normalize relations with Cuba, and was baffled by the president’s line about US colonialism.

The Senator stated that he had no idea what Obama was talking about. “During the Spanish/American War the US fought on the side of the Cuban people for their independence from Spain. The US remained after that for a period of time, and in 1902 turned the country back over to the Cuban people – which they had until 1959 when Fidel Castro took over..”

He continued, “I don’t know what he’s talking about. The United States tried to colonize Cuba? I don’t know anyone who seriously believes that. That’s a talking point of the Castro Regime. In fact, that was a term that Raul CAstro used in his address today to the Cuban people, that this is walking away from the era of colonialism. I have no idea what he is talking about when he says something like that. It’s an outrageous statement.”

The left-leaning Wikipedia agrees with Rubio:

Cuba remained a colony of Spain until the Spanish–American War of 1898, after which it was briefly administered by the United States until gaining nominal independence in 1902. The fragile republic endured increasingly radical politics and social strife, and despite efforts to strengthen its democratic system, Cuba came under the dictatorship of former president Fulgencio Batista in 1952.[16][17][18] Growing unrest and instability led to Batista’s ousting in January 1959 by the July 26 movement, which afterwards established a government under the leadership of Fidel Castro. Since 1965 the country has been governed as a single-party state by the Communist Party.

You know who does spout nonsense about American imperialism in Cuba? People like this:   The Revolution Newspaper (The voice of the Communist Party in the USA) wrote in 2006 of “U.S. Domination Over Cuba” – equating United States military involvement with its close neighbor as “the domination of US imperialism.”

Cuba came under the domination of U.S. imperialism as a result of the Spanish-American War of 1898. The Cubans had been fighting for their independence from Spain, but the U.S. seized on the situation to turn Cuba into a neo-colony.

Cuba achieved formal independence in 1898. But in 1901, the U.S. Congress passed the Platt Amendment. This amendment, which was incorporated into the Cuban constitution until 1934, set conditions for U.S. intervention in Cuba’s domestic affairs. And the U.S. landed marines in Cuba in 1906, 1912, 1917, and 1920. The amendment also established a U.S. military colony in Cuba—the Guantánamo naval base—that is now used as a detention camp and torture chamber in the U.S.’s war on the world.

One might ask why would the president of the United States send a message to the Cuban people, basically affirming communist propaganda against the United States?

One of Obama’s former Chicago pals Bill Ayers, and his adorable wife, Bernardine “Dig it!” Dohrn have been heavily involved with fighting “American imperialism in Cuba” for the past 50 years or so.

During the late 60’s and early 70’s Ayers’ SDS offshoot,  “the Weathermen served as the Cuban DGI’s(Directorio General de Intelligencia) top U.S. recruitment officers.”

They accomplished this recruitment primarily through their sponsorship of the then famous Venceremos Brigades.

During that  heady Age of Aquarius hundreds of starry-eyed college kids were volunteering to “help build Cuban Socialism” and “fight U.S. Imperialism,” mostly by joining these Venceremos Brigades (many via the Weathermen,) making their way to Cuba and joyfully cutting Cuban sugar cane.

“The ultimate objective of the DGI’s participation in the setting up of theVenceremos Brigades,” says an FBI report declassified in 1976 “was the recruitment of individuals who are politically oriented and who someday may obtain a position, elective or appointive, somewhere in the U.S. Government, which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence.

According to former FBI informant Larry Grathwohl (October 13, 1947– July 18, 2013) those “politically oriented individuals” were sent to Cuba to be trained in “domestic terrorism, political propaganda and other necessities of the urban guerrilla terrorist.”

The Venceremos brigades still exist today and it is noteworthy that while its purpose is supposedly to help the Cubans harvest sugarcane, in fact certain members are taken out of the group were they receive this training. This organization, the Venceremos brigade, represents the domestic terrorists continued ties to communist Cuba and the hope and intent of the communist regime to bring terror to the United States.

It is also interesting to note that while President Obama is considering the total lifting of travel restrictions to Cuba, terrorist fugitives from the United States continue to live there openly with no fear of extradition. One example of this is Joanne Chesimard, who escaped from prison with the help of the Weathermen. Chesimard was convicted of murdering a police officer and now lives freely and openly in communist Cuba. The really important message here is that the Venceremos brigade, which has been in existence since the late 60s, is still sending individuals to Cuba to be indoctrinated and train in terrorist activities. I believe that Chesimard, who now goes by the name Assata Shakur, is in Cuba to help train selected members of the Venceremos brigade who continue to travel there under the pretense of chopping sugar cane or “educational” missions.

It is important to note that Chesimard is not the only fugitive who is taken refuge in Cuba. Currently it is estimated that there are at least 70 individuals who are fugitives from United States justice and who are under the protection of the Castro regime. Some of these individuals were part of the terrorism that devastated the United States during the late 60s and into the 70s and even 80s. I think it is safe to conclude that these individuals have no love for the United States and no doubt are eager to participate in the indoctrination and training of future terrorists who come to Cuba as part of the Venceremos brigades.

In their 1974 book, Prairie Fire, Obama’s fellow travelers Ayers and Dohrn wrote that “Socialism is the total opposite of capitalism/imperialism. It is the rejection of empire and white supremacy. Socialism is the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the eradication of the social system based on profit.”

The next couple of years should be interesting given the mask has fallen almost completely off and Obama now feels “liberated” to be the president  dictator of the proletariat he always wanted to be.


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