Judge Jeanine: ‘Why Do We Stand By And Watch The Genocide Of Christians In The Middle East?’

In Saturday night’s opening statement on Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro, the fiery host focused on the desperate plight of  Christians in the Middle East who are facing genocide at the hands of Islamic oppressors like ISIS.

Pirro began by noting that while children here in the West, experience a time of wonder and excitement during the holidays, “for many Christian children only fear and sadness are reflected in their eyes deadened by the unspeakable torture and abuse they’ve witnessed.”

“Why do we stand by and watch the genocide of Christians in the Middle East?” Pirro asked plaintively. “It’s history repeating itself – but remember – it is to our detriment, this time. Six million Jews were killed in the holocaust while the world looked the other way.”

Pirro interviewed Thomas Zane,Vicar General of the Antioch Orthodox Archdiocese of North America about the Christian genocide in the Middle East.



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3 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: ‘Why Do We Stand By And Watch The Genocide Of Christians In The Middle East?’

  1. Because the majority of Christians in the Middle East are either Orthodox or Catholic Christians. Americans are predominantly Protestant and are rather uninterested in the plight of those whom a great Majority of American christians view as not really Christian in their view and denomination’s teachings.
    The Orthodox Church predates all other churches, drawing unbroken line from the Apostles of Jesus Christ. Even the Roman Catholic Church is younger as split from what is commonly called the Eastern Orthodox Church in the great schism of 1052. One can date all the abuses in the Catholic Church (as identified by Martin Luther in his 95 Thesis posted on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral) after this great schism.
    The American idea of protestantism precludes the traditional nature and hierarchy of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The fact that it is strict and authoratarian does not sit well with modern ‘christians’ in America who pick and choose what to accept and believe. The Orthodox say there are certain things you must believe and a specific way to live life as a Christian.
    Thus, there is much antipathy towards Christians in the Middle East.


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