Saturday Movie Matinee: At NYPD Officer’s Funeral, Cops Turn Their Backs On De Blasio


The Blaze: Mayor de Blasio Gets Up to Speak. Watch How the NYPD Responds:

Hundreds of officers standing outside the church where a funeral was being held for a New York City policeman killed in an ambush shooting turned their backs on the mayor as he spoke during the Saturday service.


De Blasio’s entire speech below:

Gateway Pundit: Sheriff David Clarke: De Blasio, Holder & Obama Need to Apologize to Nation’s Police (Video)

Clarke said Holder, Obama and De Blasio need to apologize for their irresponsible attacks on police for cheap political points.

Sheriff Clarke also delivered an epic rant on the failed Democratic Welfare State.

PJ Media, Bloody Hands: Do Obama & NYC Mayor Bear a Share of Guilt for Dead Cops:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark on CNN:

“Al Sharpton is a vulgar human being.”

Colin Flaherty: Open season on cops: Black on cop assaults, 5 cases in few days. #CopsMatter:

Colin Flaherty: Christmas Day Black violence directed at cops:

Colin Flaherty: Knockout Game in New Orleans and New York:


William Jacobson, NY Post: Partners in protest: The anti-Israel, cop-bash link

The Blaze: Obama: America Has Become ‘Less Racially Divided’ Under My Presidency

Fox News Special Report, Friday Lightning Round: Reviews of ‘The Interview’:

PJ Media: Tanking: Commander in Chief Obama’s Popularity with Troops Down to 15%

Larry the Cable Guy’s New Year’s resolutions:

Hillary Scandals: Hillary the Scandals:

Glen Shulfer: You Are My Inheritance ~ Psalm 16:




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