3 Gunmen Identified in #CharlieHebdo Terror Attack – UPDATE: Police Still Searching…


Graphic via Rhymes With Right

Three gunmen ages 18, 32, and 34, have now been identified, but not yet caught according to French reports.

The Telegraph reported moments ago:

Police raided two apartments in the north western suburbs of Paris on Wednesday afternoon – one, at 4.30pm, in Seine-Saint-Denis, and the other in Gennevilliers, in the Hauts-de-Seine region.

No one was arrested.

Local media also reported that the search was continuing in Reims, the town famous for producing Champagne, 100 miles east of Paris.

According to regional newspaper L’Union-L’Ardennais, police thought they may have identified three suspects in the attack, and one of them was from Reims.

Via Zero Hedge, the identities of the terrorists:

…according to French sources, their names: Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad.


Ace of Spades HQ:  At Least One of the Charlie Hebdo Terrorists Was Captured, Then Released, In Iraq

As Obama continues to let all the terrorists out of Guantanamo, it is now reported that the one of the two brothers who stormed Charlie Hebdo, Cherif Kouachi, was a jihadis fighters in Iraq.

MORE, via the Telegraph:

Cherif was reportedly part of an Iraqi jihadi network dismantled in the nearby 19th arrondissement of Paris. He was sentenced to three years in prison with 18 months suspended in relation to terror charges in May 2008.

The two brothers are Franco-Algerians who came back from Syria this summer.

Hamyd Mourad, 18, is of no fixed abode. Last year, he reportedly was enrolled in a lycée in Charleville-Mezières around 50 miles from the Champagne capital of Reims, northeastern France. Police were reportedly hunting for him in Reims last night. The nationality of the youngest is unknown.

Their identity cards were circulating widely on Twitter.

Earlier police conducted searches in the Paris suburbs of Pantin, in Seine-Saint-Denis, where the assailants were thought to have driven to.

They also conducted searches in Genevilliers, northwest of Paris.

Social media last night, people were reporting a significant presence of CRS anti-terror police in Reims. Another Twitter user suggested that there was an “incessant” helicopter surveillance.


Via The Telegraph: 

23.10 Unconfirmed reports that two suspects have been arrested and a third killed

22.50: More on the raid in Reims from our reporting team in France


Elite French forces were last night reportedly besieging the three Charlie Hebdo attackers in Reims, eastern France amid reports all three had been “identified and located” after an identity card was found in their getaway car.

Security sources told several French media that a police operation with the elite RAID anti-terror squad was underway in Reims, with two of the three attackers reported to be holed up in the neighbourhood of Croix Rouge in Reims. Helicopters were flying over the site where they were thought to be hiding.

The operation started at 11pm.

Just hours after two of three masked and heavily armed gunmen walked into the satirical weekly’s offices and shot dead 12 people, their identities had been widely reported in French media, but not confirmed by French authorities.


Or not….

23.45 Increasing confusion over what is happening in Reims, with police seen leaving the apartment block. iTele, a French news station, says that police were not carrying out a full scale assault on the building, but searching the scene for DNA samples.

Meanwhile, the French are waving something quite the opposite of the white flag:

As a matter of fact. They appear to be rather defiant.



Thousands jammed a public square in Paris on Wednesday night to show support for the victims of a deadly terror attack on a French satirical newspaper as authorities continued a massive manhunt for three masked gunmen.

At least 15,000 gathered at the Place de la République on Wednesday evening for a vigil after three gunmen, wearing hoods and armed with Kalashnikov automatic rifles, stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo shouting Islamic phrases and killing 12 people.



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