“EPIC”: Obama Wants To Give Away More Free Sh*t

What an original plan. Obama wants to “deliver free sh*t to people in his voting coalition” as Ace of Spades put it on Twitter, and the (largely Republican) American taxpayer gets to foot the bill. Like hiking the minimum wage, and the Equal Pay Act for women, (both  of which are bad ideas but sound good) the Free Community College Plan has no chance of passing a Republican Congress but it’s a great issue to use for the next two years to make Republicans look like mean, nasty, crank-muffins who don’t want young people to succeed. Who would have ever have expected such a dastardly ploy from the Divider in Chief? So unpredictable, this guy.

Obama made an apt comparison in his speech today…(wherever he was.)  He’s on the road campaigning again if you can believe that. Oh yeah – I guess he’s in Arizona because he made a point of not stopping at the infamously ill-run VA Hospital in Phoenix. Nothing to see there.

But in a speech (I’m guessing at a university!) he did want to talk about the goodies he wants to bestow on liberal young voters, comparing them to Christmas presents under the tree. I kid you not.

And here, he unveils his awesome gift – TWO FREE YEARS OF COMMUNITY COLLEGE you guys!!!

“This is huge!!!” a White House Twitter follower gushed.

“EPIC!” blurted another. “There are no words for the awesomeness.”

*The best part is – Obama says “it’s free for everyone who’s willing to work for it.” So I’m guessing it will pay for itself and it won’t cost the taxpayers one thin dime.  

Not one thin dime, you guys!

Obama will say the free college will lead to more highly paid community college teachers, increasing the quality of education.  Obama’s plan will even save families an average of – I don’t know – $2,500 a year, or something, on tuition if students decide to continue with their education after two years! And best of all – if they like their teachers – they can keep their teachers!

Obama is just so so epic.

*Rumors that MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber is the Architect of Obama’s Free Community College plan have not been confirmed.

Details about the actual proposal here. But it’s dumb that we’re even talking about it because it isn’t going to happen.


5 thoughts on ““EPIC”: Obama Wants To Give Away More Free Sh*t

  1. The hell of it is, that’s a position that was once taken, in an even more extreme form by noted sociologist and luminary of the Right Charles Murray, in his book Losing Ground.</b What hope do we have when even sound conservatives and libertarians can’t appreciate the overriding importance of requiring people to pay for what they want?


  2. Perfect. So Obama can blame this plan on conservatives, just like he did with Obamacare. And his minions will claim that conservatives loved it when a white Republican came up with the idea, but oppose Obama only because he’s black. You gotta hand it to them. They know how to play this game.


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