Charlie Hebdo Suspects Killed (Video)

Multiple new outlets are now reporting that the two brothers behind the Charlie Hedbo slaughter have been killed and their hostage has been freed.

The AFP reported via Breitbart that the men ran out of their hiding place, guns blazing.

Sky News reported earlier that one of the brothers turned up at business wearing a bulletproof vest and black combat gear. He claimed to be a police officer to gain the trust of civilians, before telling staff: “Get out of here, we don’t kill civilians”.

In addition to police and army helicopters, it is reported a tank was seen arriving at the siege.

Earlier reports from the scene suggested either one or two people had died, with a further twenty injured. However, the office of the French prosecutor issued a statement denying there had been any fatalities.

MORE via Fox News:

A hostage held by the brothers, who killed 12 in a commando-style attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, was reportedly freed, and early reports said the police raid in Paris was “successful.” The fast-moving developments, signaled by explosions and gunfire at a printing plant in Dammartin-en-Goele, followed by similar sounds at Hypercacher (Hyper Kosher), a Jewish supermarket in eastern Paris, brought to a climax a three-day terror ordeal and manhunt involving nearly 90,000 police and military personnel.

Cherif and Said Kouachi, the radicalized French-born slackers whose attack on Charlie Hebdo left two police officers among the dozen dead, were both killed in the first raid. The brothers, 32 and 34, respectively, are believed to have ties to Al Qaeda in Yemen, and military experts who viewed footage of their bloody, late-morning raid on Wednesday said they appeared to be well-trained terrorists.

Twitchy: French police now linking #CharlieHebdo attack to yesterday’s murder of a policewoman:

I thought they didn’t shoot girls.


Via Ace: CNN’s Genius Chris Cuomo: An “African American Man” Was The Hostage Taker at Vincennes

Did he say, “Hands up, don’t shoot?”:



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