Jeanine Pirro: “Kill Them” (Video)

Judge Jeanine Pirro took on the growing threat of Islamic terror in her opening statement, Saturday night.

As usual, she didn’t mince words, opening her show with this blunt assessment: “We need to kill them.”

To do this, she advocated assisting moderate Muslims by “arming them to the teeth” so they can take out the “Islamic fanatics.” She also called for withdrawing support for Muslim nations that don’t help us.

Pirro panned the idiotic  liberal policies that have allowed Muslim extremists to integrate themselves into our society, saying we are “assisting our enemy in our own destruction.”

“They have conquered us through immigration. They have conquered us through interfaith dialogue. And they have conquered us by co-opting our leaders into a position of embarrassment.”

“They can kill us but we can’t hurt their feelings?” she thundered.

It is time for this to be over, she concluded.

Bonus Video:

Col. Ralph Peters is always good for a soundbite or two.

His idea for fighting  Islamic Terror: “You go wherever the enemy is. You kill the enemy without mercy, and you leave behind smoking ruins & screaming widows and if the terrorists reconstitute, you come back and you kill them again,” Peters declared.

Hell yes.

“If you’re going to go to war, go to win, otherwise stay home and raise the white flag.”

12 thoughts on “Jeanine Pirro: “Kill Them” (Video)

  1. “To do this, she advocated assisting moderate Muslims by “arming them to the teeth” so they can take out the “Islamic fanatics.””

    Unfortunately, there are significant problems with this. The largest of them is that there is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim.” It’s been said many times: the “radical” Muslim wants to kill you, while the “moderate” Muslim merely wants the “radical” Muslim to kill you.

    The proof is that though the “radicals” are, by the preponderant estimates, no more than 10% of all Muslims worldwide, they nevertheless flourish and rage without restraint. How? They must have a support network that’s far larger than their numbers, just as the Air Force has a huge number of personnel to support its three thousand or so actual combat pilots. More, poll after poll, whether taken in a Western country or the Islamic world, makes it plain that the “moderates” support the goals of the “radicals.” Does it not stand to reason that even if we could isolate the jihadists and wipe them out, leaving only the supposed “moderates,” there would be a fresh crop of jihadists within weeks, if not days?

    It’s not a good idea to arm a people whose religion commands your conversion, subjugation, or death. We ought to have learned that from Afghanistan, where we equipped the mujihadeen with high-grade American weapons to fight the Soviets…and a few years later found those weapons being used against our own troops.

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  2. According to what I’ve read in the press, the muslim murderers in Paris had fought in Syria so it would be interesting to find out if they were using weapons provided by this administration to carry out their attack. Some of these jihadi fighters are the same ones who were fighting against and killing our soldiers while we were training them on how to use grenade launchers in Libya and now in Syria. Even if they were the so-called “good muslims, freedom fighters” we also know how many of the weapons we’ve provided in Iraq, Libya and Syria have been captured and strengthened the ISIS terrorists. How many innocents have been murdered with our tax dollars already? In every nation they inhabit, they have been at war with each other for centuries without our help. Providing them aid is patently suicidal as they have clearly stated their intention to destroy us. This administration has been particularly set on toppling fairly stable governments in the middle east which were already keeping the Islamic terrorist groups under control in their respective countries. Ask yourself why? Normally I agree with much of what Judge Janine has to say but this sounds more like she is trying very hard to convince us that exactly what Obama, McCain, Kerry and Clinton are and have been doing in negotiating with, arming and financing terrorists is the right thing to do. It’s not. And if anyone one of us did the same thing we would be guilty of crimes under the Patriot Act. One more thing, we’ve already sacrificed far too much in loss of billions, over a decade of our soldiers being maimed or killed, and relinquished nearly all of our rights supposedly in order to secure our homeland, only to find our leadership deliberately inviting and aiding our own destruction.

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  3. Fran, knowing what I know about Islam, I will never understand moderate Muslims, but there really are many who are peaceful and want to be left alone. The hero of the Jewish grocery store who hid Jews in the freezer downstairs (turning it off first) was a Muslim. The police officer who was killed by the terrorist brothers was a muslim. I know peaceful, westernized Muslims. The valedictorian of my son’s high school class, who was one of his good friends,and a very sweet boy, is a Bosnian Muslim. It’s just not true that they are all rooting for the jihadists to kill us.


  4. Arguiing over who is and who is not a moderate muslim is moot. We have a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizing PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION in the White House and a commander in chief who does not know the objective of his command as it is defined in defending us against enemies foreign and domestic. So what is there to discuss about moderate or radical? We have no command in place to guide the killing. DUH!.

    An organized administration would have American mosques on surveillance lockdown. Every Muslim entering the country would be arrested and detained until they can prove who they are and why they are here. (Hmmmm….. means we have to enforce immigration laws). That would empower us here at home to toss out anybody here illegally. Next we have to stop THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES from allowing Muslims to come here in 20,000 lots at a time with the backdoor opened for their families. His first executive order was to import 20,000 fakestinians at taxpayer expense with families to come later. Hmmmmm….are we going to try to decide who is moderate and who is radical? What a joke.

    If we want to kill Muslims we have to get rid of the Obama administration in the next election and keep his wife out of office thereafter. We must fire 90 per cent of the federal bureaucracy that he has installed when he leaves office or else we will have the same old apologist crap in our faces about “not all Muslims.”

    It isn’t all Muslims—- it is Islam that must be disempowered— how it is organized, how it functions, and how it defends itself. NOW!

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  5. Here’s an idea about killing—- when these murderers attack us, we carpet bomb one of their towns. Leaflet it and warn the people we are coming. Give them time to leave. Then destroy their homes, places of businesses, their agriculture, transportation, water, fuel, and other life supports. You mess with us or allow people to mess with us in your name— we will bury you. It beat the Confederacy so it could beat these flea infested psychopaths.

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  6. Fran, taqiyya doesn’t explain why the Muslim in the Jewish grocery store saved those customers. It’s true that I am unable to discern why any peaceful, reasonable person would be a follower of Islam. It’s absolutely true that an unnervingly high number of Muslims support Sharia law and jihad. But not all of them are violent or supporters of violence. That said, I agree with Col. Ralph Peters and the above commenter who says the only way to beat this death cult is through an unapologetic military campaign to crush them.


  7. Ultimately, Deb, it’s about trust. Can you bring yourself to trust Muslims — people who have declared themselves subscribers to a violent, intolerant, misogynistic creed that has awarded itself the right to rule the world — as a matter of predetermined, “default” policy? Is it wise to make exceptions for the local Muslims who “haven’t done anything”…yet? And if that’s not wise, is it wise to allow them to flood into your country?

    I’ll be writing more about this later today.

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