Shootout in Shawnee KS Gunshop Leaves Owner Dead, 3 of the Perps Wounded UPDATE: Suspects Named


Jon and Becky Bieker, NY Daily News

The owner of the She’s a Pistol gun shop in Shawnee, KS, was shot and killed while defending his store from four robbers, Friday afternoon, but not before sending three of them to area hospitals.

Jon Bieker, the owner, managed to hit three of the robbers during the shootout, critically injuring two of them. The names of the assailants have not been released, but Johnson County Online booking records show that an 18-year-old black Kansas City male was booked into the Johnson County Jail on aggravated robbery charges on the 9th. Three other black males, aged 19, were booked on aggravated robbery charges on the 10th. Mugshots have not yet been released. Thus far, the race of the perps has been withheld by the Kansas City media.

KCTV 5 reported:

Bieker’s wife, Becky, was not shot, but was punched in the face. She was taken to the hospital for treatment. Devastated friends and family rushed to her side.

The couple is known for their generous spirit and willingness to help answer questions from customers eager to protect themselves.

“I know them (the store’s owners), they’re a local business owner, we appreciate them being right next door to City Hall, they are really nice people… I really feel bad for them and their family,” said Maj. Dan Tennis with the Shawnee Police Department.

Via the Kansas City Star:

Keith Winterhalter, a financial adviser with Edward Jones whose office shares a wall with the gun store, said he first heard noise that he mistook as a hammer striking the wall. He then realized it was gunfire and escorted two clients into another room on the opposite side of the building.

Winterhalter then crawled on his hands and knees back to the office to check on an employee.

“I heard five or six more shots and then screaming,” he said.

He later saw that a bullet had penetrated the wall into his office, he said.

“There was a gun fight next door, no doubt about it,” Winterhalter said.

Jim Allen, a member of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners who operates an insurance agency near the shooting location, spoke with a witness shortly afterward.

“She said she saw three individuals walking in wearing hoodies,” Allen said. “She said she had been suspicious because they had parked on the side of the building. One of them was carrying a duffel bag.”

When one of the individuals raised an arm, as if to shoot a weapon, Allen said, the witness called 911.

Two of the men ran from the store and into the neighborhood.

While searching for the other two suspects, police got a call from a woman at West 58th Street and Bluejacket Avenue who said that someone was on her back porch, knocking on her door. Carolyn Thomas said it was unnerving to have two men randomly show up at her house, banging on her screen door, then to find out they were connected to a nearby shooting.

Thomas said she was inside her home when she heard someone pounding on her door. She says she thought it was strange because no one ever knocks on the back door when coming to her home.

She went to the back door and heard a man yelling that he was hurt. Thomas said her initial thought was, ”I’m not opening the door.'” Too scared to look out of the window, she called 911 and the information she got from police might have saved her life.

“When finally I heard all the sirens and everything it’s like, ‘This is not cool.’ I called 911, they said, ‘Stay in, don’t go out, there’s been a shooting in the area,’ and they said don’t open the door until police get there,” Thomas said.

Shawnee Mayor Jeff Meyers released the following statement after the shootings:

“Today is a day of great sadness in our city. John and Becky are respected business owners in our community who do things the right way and are always willing to go out of their way to help others.”

“The simple fact is there is no place for this type of violence in Shawnee or any other city. We pride ourselves on being a safe and friendly city and today’s events, while unbelievably tragic, will not change that.”

“I want to pass along my condolences to the entire Bieker family. As they deal with this tremendous loss, I know our community stands ready to assist in any way that we can.”

A spokesperson for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said they are joining the investigation. They don’t believe any guns were stolen, but want to be positive to ensure public safety.

ATF said the business had a federal firearm license and that the couple had a spotless record on that license.


The Shawnee Dispatch named names – no one else in the KC media has:

 The suspects, Hakeem Malik, 18, Londro Patterson, 19, DeAnthony Wiley, 19, and Nicquan Midgyett, 19, all have all been booked on the Johnson County jail log on suspicion of aggravated robbery, according to online jail records. All of the men have Kansas City, Mo., addresses. Major Dan Tennis of the Shawnee Police Department said Shawnee police are working with the District Attorney’s Office on appropriate charges.


 First Degree Murder Charges Filed Against Gunman In Botched Gun Shop Robbery


6 thoughts on “Shootout in Shawnee KS Gunshop Leaves Owner Dead, 3 of the Perps Wounded UPDATE: Suspects Named

  1. Nowadays, if I were a store owner or manager, I would instruct a security person to draw a pistol to the ready position, anytime three adult-sized persons, wearing hoodies, walked into the store together. Times have changed.

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  2. After reviewing recent statistics, I am convinced that the “hoodie” has become a disguise of evil intent, and as such persons who wear them deserve appropriate consideration. Thus, I would like to alter my previous comment from three (3) to two (2) adult-sized persons, reducing to one adult-sized person if it is a male with very dark skin.


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