First Degree Murder Charges Filed Against Gunman In Botched Gun Shop Robbery

Via KCTV 5 News, murder charges have been filed against one suspect in the death of a Shawnee gun shop owner who was shot during a botched robbery attempt that left three of the suspects wounded.

Johnson County prosecutors have charged Hakeem Malik, 18, with felony first-degree murder. Malik is scheduled to face a judge Monday.

His bond is set at $500,000.

Three other suspects are being detained on suspicion of aggravate robbery. Prosecutors could filed charges on Monday.


Co-owner Jon Bieker, 44, managed to shoot three of the suspects. One of the injured suspects fled along with the getaway driver. Police said they arrested those two as they tried to gain entry at a nearby home.

The deadly shootout happened on Friday when the four men tried to rob the She’s a Pistol gun shop which caters to female gun owners.

The suspects, Hakeem Malik, 18, Londro Patterson, 19, DeAnthony Wiley, 19, and Nicquan Midgyett, 19, may have been involved in five other armed robberies within the past couple of weeks.


One thought on “First Degree Murder Charges Filed Against Gunman In Botched Gun Shop Robbery

  1. These four are obviously not the brightest bulbs in the box. What is the possible attraction of trying to rob a gun shop? What could possibly go wrong? Perhaps they thought it would be a softer target because it caters to women? Unfortunately, the wrong person died in this incident, but hopefully these four thugs will not see the light of day for a long, long time.


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