WH: We Probably Should Have Sent an Official With a “Higher Profile” To Paris

In a rare admission that the White House messed up, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted, today, that the White House should have sent a senior official to Sunday’s massive march in Paris.

Via White House Dossier:

“We should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there,” said Earnest told reporters at todays WH press briefing..

“I think the president himself would have liked to have had the opportunity to be there,” Earnest said, adding that security requirements for either the president or the vice president are steep, and would have had a “pretty significant impact” on others at the event.

Earnest also explained that the plans for the march “only begun on Friday night” for an event that occurred “36 hours later.”

When pressed by Fox News’ Ed Henry, Earnest could not answer where Obama was on Sunday.

Earnest has been unable to explain why the decision not to go was not brought to Obama but apparently he out of the decision making loop.

As I noted on Twitter:


Haaretz: Hollande asked Netanyahu not to attend Paris memorial march:

Absence sought as part of attempt to keep Israeli-Palestinian conflict out of European show of unity; After Netanyahu insisted on coming, French made it clear Abbas would be invited as well.

CNBC’s John Harwood wonders if Obama got a similar request (I doubt it.)

It makes sense that a Socialist president would want to leave out the controversial (to the anti-semitic left) Jewish Prime Minister. Makes no sense that he would leave out fellow traveler, Obama.

Here’s what jumped out at me:

After the French government began to send invitations to world leaders to participate in the rally against terror, Hollande’s national security adviser, Jacques Audibert, contacted his Israeli counterpart, Yossi Cohen, and said that Hollande would prefer that Netanyahu not attend, the source said.

The French sent out formal invitations to world leaders to attend, and Obama couldn’t be bothered to send even his Sec. of State or his Attorney General who was already in town.


Marie Harf “stumbles for six minutes trying to explain Paris No-Show in Paris:

Earnest was asked about Jay Carney’s criticism of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons two years ago.  Earnest defended the White House position by suggesting that their Criticism of Muhammad Cartoons Really About Protecting the Troops.

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